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Steel Reinforcement for Windows/Doors

Steel Reinforcement is a very important component in UPVC Windows & Doors. Inserting steel reinforcements into windows can greatly improve the structural strength and sealing performance of the whole window. The measured thickness of steel reinforcement in windows is not less than 1.5mm, and that in doors is not less than 2.0mm according to relevant standards. And the raw material of steel reinforcement  hot dip galvanized sheets or steel strips.

Why steel reinforcement has been used in UPVC Windows & Doors?

(1) The use of steel reinforcement can enhance the compressive and tensile properties of Windows & Doors.

(2) Inserting steel reinforcement in the UPVC profiles not only enhances the profile, but also plays a stabilizing and reinforcing role in the installation of UPVC Windows. The Steel reinforcement is inlaid in the UPVC profiles of window sash, it can rise to increase the window to resist the strength of wind pressure and the effect of reinforcement.

(3) The Steel reinforcement can withstand high temperature of 180℃, and has acid and alkali resistance, pressure resistance, anti-static, anti-impact, anti-aging and other characteristics.

Thickness options of steel reinforcement:

A. 1.50mm for windows.

B. 2.00mm for doors.