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Sliding Windows

DIMEX cover 55mm Sliding Window, 60mm sliding window,70mm Sliding window, 88mm sliding window, 107mm sliding window, 112mm sliding window.

 •Unobstructed View

Sliding windows are much larger than double-hung windows. Since your eyes take in more from side-to-side than up-and-down, a larger sliding window provides a more natural view of the outside world. If you want to soak up outdoor scenery, sliding windows are the way to go. Of course, a larger window also allows for increased natural light and greater ventilation, two other benefits of sliding windows.

 Easy Operation

One of the primary functions of windows is to allow fresh air from outside to enter your home or business. If a window is difficult to operate, you are less likely to bother trying to open it. Fortunately, sliding windows are known for their ease of operation. Usually, one side slides on rollers while the other pane of glass remains stationary. Some styles can be ordered as double or triple sliders for greater versatility. As long as the window remains well-maintained, you can open it with the push of a finger. This means sliding windows work great in hard-to-reach places.

 Energy Efficiency

Sliding windows are more efficient than some other types of windows for multiple reasons. For starters, lack of complicated moving parts allows the window to close tightly and firmly, effectively blocking air infiltration from outside.

Second, the window panes are available with Zo-e-Shield glass, which employs a combination of low-E coatings, insulating gas between the panes, and non-conductive spacers to insulate against cold air flow. These features help keep a home or business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Low-E coatings also block 95 to 99.9% of the sun's UV rays, thus helping to prevent furniture and flooring from fading as time goes by.

 Low Maintenance

Having fewer moving parts is great news for energy efficiency, but it also means sliding windows have lower maintenance requirements than many other types of windows. With correct installation, you can expect sliders to last for many years without giving you trouble. It's also easy to pop out the operable pane of glass for cleaning or to make room for a window air conditioner. Some styles of sliders can even be tilted for effortless cleaning.

Superior Security

Sliding windows are especially suitable for higher buildings.The sliding sashes move along the tracks in the wall, When opened up, sliding windows are free from falling cause by strong wind.