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  • Fireproof materials: building fire prevention


    The fundamental purpose of building fire prevention is to comprehensively ensure the fire safety performance of buildings, that is, to make the fire prevention conditions of buildings reach certain corresponding standards. Read More

  • Composition of fireproof materials


    Composition of fireproof materials Inorganic binder: mainly water glass, gypsum, phosphate, cement, etc;Refractory mineral filler: alumina, asbestos powder, calcium carbonate, perlite, too white powder, etc. Read More

  • Common types of fireproof materials - part 2


    Fireproof plastic materialFire resistant plastic materials are mainly used in electrical appliances that can produce high heat energy and high temperature, such as printers, hot air ducts, etc. Read More

  • Common types of fireproof materials - part 1


    Common types of fireproof materialsFireproof boardFireproof board is the most commonly used material in the market at present. There are two kinds of commonly used: one is high-pressure decorative refractory plat. Read More

  • Insulation strips' classification


    With the enhancement of environmental protection and energy-saving requirements of modern life, many advanced energy-saving products and energy-saving technologies are gradually applied to the construction industry in China. Read More

  • Heat Insulation Strips knowledge - part 2


    Common models and dimensional tolerances of Heat Insulation Strips. The common models of Heat Insulation Strips are: type I, type C, and type T. Read More

  • Heat Insulation Strips knowledge - part 1


    At present, there are three kinds of Heat Insulation Strips for broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. One uses PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as raw material, one uses Pu (polyurethane) as raw material. Read More

  • Nylon heat insulaion strips' features


    The heat insulation strips are combined by some mechanical means and used on the doors and windows, so the nature determines that the insulation strip must have both high strength and low conductivity. Read More