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  • Comparison of performance indexes of thermal insulation strips - part 2


    At present, all the engineering plastic thermal insulation strips used in the domestic market come from abroad. Read More

  • Comparison of performance indexes of thermal insulation strips - part 1


    Performance indicators of thermal insulation strips: the indicators specified by the European Standards Committee, the indicators of tenor wind. Read More

  • Insulation strips' identification


    As one of the main drafters of European standards and China's industrial standards under determination, technoform bautec is the world's largest supplier of nylon thermal insulation strips. Read More

  • Insulation strips' classification


    With the enhancement of environmental protection and energy-saving requirements of modern life, many advanced energy-saving products and energy-saving technologies are gradually applied to the construction industry in China. Read More

  • Folding door


    Characteristics of folding door. Folding door is an alternative form of aluminum alloy swing door, which is suitable for the passage of small space. Read More

  • Finished product protection of aluminum alloy windows


    Construction quality recordsIn order to ensure that the project quality meets the standard, it is necessary to keep quality records in the project construction. Read More

  • Install window frame


    Install window frame. Place the cushion block on the lower wall and pay attention to the measurement mark. Place the window frame in the window opening. Read More

  • Acceptance of aluminum alloy door and window materials


    Acceptance of aluminum alloy door and window materials. The specification and model of aluminum alloy casement window shall meet the design requirements, and the hardware shall be complete. Read More

  • Installation of aluminum alloy casement window


    Understand the main types, forms, characteristics and applications of aluminum alloy doors and windows, master the structure of window frames and sashes of aluminum alloy sliding windows. Read More

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