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  • DIMEX UPVC window and door profiles certified with CE


    ​It is our honor that DIMEX upvc window & door profiles have been certified with CE. The certificate number is M.2022.206.C71523. The inspection is very strict and the products must comply with the relevant EU requirements. Read More

  • PA66 polyamide thermal insulating strips


    The thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of the aluminum profile (2.5-3*10-5/K), which ensures the thermal insulation strips and aluminum materials will be tightly combined for a long time not to fall off under sunlight exposure and freezing conditions. Read More

  • How to distinguish PA66 heat insulation strips?


    The heat insulating strip​ is the core component of the inserting-strip heat-insulating profiles, and it is also the structural connector of the aluminum profiles on both sides of the heat insulating profiles. Read More

  • High UV plays an important role


    What is High UV ? High-UV is short for High Ultra-violet resistance of Unplasticized PVC Window & Door Profiles. DIMEX has been dedicated to the research of UV protection of Windows and thermal insulation of buildings. After an extensive R&D over the years DIMEX has developed a special high UV retar Read More

  • UPVC windows and doors


    UPVC Windows & Doors. A highly versatile product uPVC Doors cost less than the equivalent timber or aluminum windows, allowing panoramic views of the outdoors to your indoors. uPVC allows big energy savings without unnecessary complications and expense. Double glazing will keep the temperature insid Read More

  • DIMEX and Roto


    DIMEX has been committed to improving the energy saving K value and safety performance of building doors and windows in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the high-quality profiles’ market. In this context, DIMEX and ROTO have established a comprehensive strategic partnership to jointly develo Read More

  • Upvc profiles energy efficiency


    This energy loss results into astronomically high energy bills at the end of each month. Fortunately, not all hope is lost. A revolutionary fenestration solution has been devised, providing the elegant method to save money — uPVC doors and windows​. Read More

  • UPVC Sliding Windows and Doors


    The sliding door and window frame is a trustworthy and wonderful solution for your home. These horizontally sliding uPVC windows and doors open. These sliding doors and windows provide the ideal amount of light and ventilation for a home. Read More

  • Thermal breaks matter in construction


    Thermal bridging reduces the overall performance of a home. Thermal breaks are the answer to this problem. Simple in theory, but thermal bridges have been challenging high-performance home builders for decades. Read More

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