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High UV plays an important role

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High-UV is short for High Ultra-violet resistance of Unplasticized PVC Window & Door Profiles. DIMEX has been dedicated to the research of UV protection of Windows and thermal insulation of buildings. After an extensive R&D over the years DIMEX has developed a special high UV retardant formulation. By increasing the content of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the profile formulation -- and reducing the number of calcium carbonate (less than 12 parts) to improve the weather resistance and physical & chemical performance indicators of window profiles. 8000 Hours of Xenon Testing - possible only with - 7 to 8 parts of Titanium dioxide -The profiles with 2.25 to 2.80mm Extruded with Original German Molds - Certified by SGS and SKZ of Germany There is no other profile in Asia-Pacific market who can offer all 3 mentioned properties.

Parts of the performance index of Hi-UV profiles:

  • Weldability ≥ 50MPa

  • Weather resistance ≥ 8000 hours.

  • Gloss ≥ 30.

  • Ash content ≤ 8%.