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Differences between French and Italian doors and windows - part 2

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The construction of doors and windows has a long prehistory in China, which can be traced back more than 3000 years to the ancient wooden windows of the Shang and Zhou dynasties. As a modern construction of doors and windows in China, it was only in the 20th century that it began. In 1999, with the introduction of insulation and bridge breaking technology from abroad, bridge breaking aluminum alloy doors and windows were widely used in China as a new type of insulation and energy-saving door and window after wooden windows, iron windows, plastic steel doors and windows, and general colorful aluminum alloy doors and windows. Following closely was the presentation of French aluminum wood doors and windows with a flat shape, straight line composition, simple and unified appearance, and a strong Italian style. Due to the fact that most companies have introduced European equipment, processes, and technologies, the window industry has been greatly influenced by Europe over the past twenty years, and Italian style doors and windows have long been well-known to everyone.

Italian style doors and windows incorporate modern aesthetics in their planning, with large cross-sectional dimensions, multiple variations in facade design, rich lines, strong levels and depth. Unlike other types of window plan planning, they have a strong visual three-dimensional sense; By using modern gray, elegant white, and textured wood colors together, the overall visual experience can be either natural and simple, luxurious and delicate, or modern and elegant, greatly enhancing and expressing the level and beauty of building exterior and interior decoration; The frame planning section of Lettershield French doors and windows is small, and the lighting area is larger than other types of windows, making the indoor light rich.

Types of French windows and doors

According to the different materials of doors and windows and the cross-sectional structure of windows, it mainly includes three types: pure wood windows, wood aluminum composite windows, and aluminum clad wood windows:

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1. French aluminum clad wooden doors and windows

French aluminum clad wooden doors and windows are carefully planned aluminum alloy profiles that are attached to the outer side of pure wooden doors and windows through a special structure, greatly enhancing the anti sun, wind, rain and other functions of pure wooden doors and windows. They are widely used in the French region as door and window structures. Due to the better absorption of sound waves by wood compared to metal and plastic materials, French tests have shown that using French aluminum clad wooden doors and windows can reduce outdoor noise by 50 decibels, So the soundproofing of wooden windows will surpass any other type of door and window.

2. French wooden aluminum composite doors and windows

The French style wooden aluminum composite doors and windows use insulated broken bridge aluminum to form the main frame of the window, with imported high-quality hardwood embedded inside and aluminum outside. The modern style of aluminum alloy appearance integrates the natural texture of pure wood into the home. Its style and quality make it a popular planning representative. The built-in screen window eliminates the need to operate the screen window when opening and closing, and has anti-theft characteristics.

French doors and windows also include various types in terms of function and appearance, such as sliding windows, sliding doors, side hung doors, irregular fixed windows, and combinations. Dimes is one of the world's famous door and window manufacturers, and has been committed to providing users with better products for many years. For more details on doors and windows, please visit us