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Casement Windows

DIMEX has three big types of casement profiles to adapt different weather and buildings in different parts of the world, total 6 items , Lotus / TROPICA 60 with three cavity and two seal , Lotus / TROPICA 60 with four cavity and three seals ,Komfort with three cavity and two seals ,Komfort with five cavities and two seals, Contour with five cavities and two seals , Contour with five cavities and three seals .

Various Styles, Inside And Outside Openings

Wall Thickness of DIMEX profile varies from 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm to fulfill multinational standards and norms.

Using streamline design on the edge of the frame and sash.

The design concept using streamline with rich contemporary feeling . Original v-shaped poured mouth make the glazing bead easy to install, which improves the visual effect of window.

Special Design Of The Rhone

Water is smoothly drained out between the windows. Double channel design makes internal and external opening, improve the coupling, reduce matching inventories for the windows profile factory.

Glazing Bead Installed In The Inside Room

The depth of the glass installed slot 20mm, maximum 36mm hollow glass can be used thickness, middle layer 3 glass, use safety glass installed stability, increasing both sound insulation effect and improves the hollow glass service life.

Chambers Matching The Special Profile

The thickness above 1.5mm,inside the steel reinforcement will be fixed together with the screw , which ensure the window’s strength and the safety of hardware .

European Hardware Grooves

Our hardware grooves will adapt to every other foreign or domestic hardware ;

Flexible Combination

The same bottle of each main profile make it easy to combine with other accessories.