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Window Accessories

DIMEX can supply not only UPVC Profiles and UPVC windows & doors, but also all accessories of windows & doors. Because DIMEX are famous as an integrated supplier of UPVC Window & Door Systems in Europe. All accessories are customized according to DIMEX profile size and characteristics by the German R&D team. The raw materials of accessories are strictly selected after the selection of the most appropriate. The design drawings have been certified by Germany IFT, and the finished products of the accessories have passed the inspection of SKZ Germany.We have achieved the extreme in accessories and profiles and PVC Windows with the degree of cooperation. The users say they are of reliable quality after using DIMEX accessories. And the accessories of DIMEX have good versatility. The top quality customized accessories of DIMEX including:

● Galvanized steel reinforcement,

● Aluminum rails,

● Rubber Gasket,

● Brush Gasket,

● Glazing Wedge,

● Glazing Bridge,

● Seal Block,

● Bumper Block,

● Fastener,

● Window Roller & Door roller,

● Rain covers,

● Mullion Caps

● Fire proof materials for windows&doors.