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UPVC Windows & Doors

The main raw materials of UPVC Window&Door is Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) resin, plus a certain proportion of stabilizer, colorant, filler, ultraviolet absorbent(etc) extruded into window profiles. The profiles are cut, welded or threaded into window&door frames and sashes.

It is fitted with sealing rubber strips, brush strips, hardware, etc. At the same time steel reinforcement is filled in the chamber of profiles to enhance the rigidity. The portal Windows made in this way are called UPVC Windows.

Classification of products:

1. According to the opening mode, it is divided into Fixed windows, Top hung windows, Middle hung windows, Lower hung windows, Vertical sliding windows, Transfer windows, Sliding Windows & doors, Casement windows, Casement doors, Tilt & Turn windows, Tilt&slide windows, Lift & Slide windows, Bi-fold windows & doors, Arch windows, Stacking windows, Swing doors.

2. According to the performance, it is divided into ordinary Windows & Doors, Sound insulation Windows & Doors, insulation Windows & Doors.

3. According to the application parts, it is divided into internal Windows&Doors, external Windows& doors.

Product Features:

Heat preservation and heat insulation

UPVC window is multi-chambers structure, which has good heat insulation performance. Its heat transfer performance is very small, only 1/357 of steel, 1/250 of aluminum. It can be seen that UPVC Windows have significant heat insulation and thermal insulation effects, especially for modern buildings with heating and air conditioning equipment.

Corrosion resistance

UPVC Windows have good corrosion resistance due to their unique formulation.

Weather resistance

The UPVC window adopts special formula. We add ultraviolet absorbent in raw materials, and low temperature impact agent, thereby improving the weatherability of plastic steel doors and Windows. Long-term use in all kinds of temperature and climate environment, between -30 ℃ ~70 ℃, scorching sun, heavy rain, dry, wet changes, no discoloration, deterioration, aging, embrittlement and other phenomena. UPVC Windows have been in Europe for 40 years, and their materials are as good as ever.

Fire retardant

UPVC Windows do not spontaneous combustion, no combustibility, self-extinguishing, safe and reliable, in line with the fire protection requirements. This performance expands the use of UPVC Windows & Doors.

Insulation performance

UPVC window uses electric insulator with excellent profile, non-conductive and high safety factor.

Air tightness

UPVC profile is easy to process, after cutting and fusion processing, the length, width and diagonal of finished doors and Windows can be within plus or minus 2MM, processing accuracy, and angular strength can reach more than 3000N.

Sound Insulation / Soundproofing

Keep all the noise out. Work more efficiently and rest better.

Heat Insulation / Energy Savings

Live in comfort, save on bills. Now that’s smart living.


Your home should be your safe-haven, and we provide the protection you deserve.


Never worry about replacing your windows. Our quality ensures you don’t need to.


Keep dry even in the most inclement weather.


With windows you don’t have to constantly maintain, spend time on the things you enjoy.