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E90 Series Refractory Window System
E90 Series Refractory Window System
E90 Series Refractory Window System
E90 Series Refractory Window System

E90 Series Refractory Window System

  • DIMEX Casement series 65mm,72mm,82mm, 90mm can be processed into refractory window systems as per your requirements. We add and build a lot of fireproof materials on the basis of ordinary Windows, so that the fire integrity of the whole window can reach 1 hour (no smoke, no fire, no air leakage).
  • ISO9001, CE, IFT, SKZ, SGS certified.

    ECO-friendly and lead Lead-Free.

    German High UV Resistance Formula.

    8000 Hours Xenon Tested.

    System Uf <1.0 W/m2.K.

    Wall Thickness 3.0mm.

    In Standard White or Various Colors.

    Brand: DIMEX

    Model: E90 Series

    Code: UPVC Refractory Windows-E90

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Product Description

DIMEX E90 passive window system is certified by the Passive House Institute(PHI) of Germany and is certified to be used in “phB cold regions”. DIMEX E90 was designed to be warm in winter and cool in summer, with low energy consumption windows based on the German high energy standards.This is a system window solution for efficiency, building appearance and good comfort. While "passive design" applies the natural principles of sunlight, wind, temperature and humidity in nature, does not rely on conventional energy consumption as much as possible, and improves and creates the living environment with architectural methods of planning, design and environmental configuration. This series is a German 7-chamber 3 -seal structure with transverse chambers and stiffeners designed to prevent sinking of the inner chamber.

E90 Passive Window Systems Features

1. Excellent air tightness and thermal insulation performance;

Uf 0.90~1.10 W/㎡·K (including steel reinforcements).

No fire or smoke through the closed window for an hour.

Air tightness Grade 8 [ q1 ≤0.5m3/(m·h); q2 ≤1.5m3/(㎡·h) ].

Water tightness Grade 6 (∆P ≥ 700).

Wind pressure resistance above Grade 8 (P3 ≥ 4.5 KPa).

Sound insulation Grade 5 (Rw + Ctr ≥ 400dB; Rw + C ≥ 400dB).

Heat preservation Grade10 (K< 1.1 W/㎡·K).

2. Advanced "hidden hinge" can be assembled;

3. Fire and flame retardant function;

4. Screw socket transom(mullion).

5. Available for 40 ~60mm glass configuration.

System Structure of E90

System depth: 90mm – 7 Chambers

1. Maximum thickness of glass 60mm;

2. V-shape designing for glazing bead easy to be maintained and will not hurt the profile.

3. An O-type gasket is added between the glass and the sash.

4. Transverse internal chambers were added.

5. There are 3 fire proof expansion strip chambers in opening sash to ensure the quality of fire-proof Windows.

6. "Hidden hardware" slot.

7. Co-extrusion HPEV ethylene gasket makes the joint not shrink, improve sealing, smooth and beautiful.

8. 7 chamber & 3 sealing structure, double - chamber design for the glass mouth.

Color Options

A. Standard White (High UV Resistance).

B. Full Color (Homogeneous).

C. Laminated.