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  • The wind pressure
    The wind pressure

    DIMEX uPVC profile system is also calculated for 30 plus storied- high rise buildings. The calculations can be provided according to the building/project. Fixed Windows- The Sliding Windows- The Sliding Doors –The Casement Windows –The Casement Door T...

  • The high uv formulation
    The high uv formulation

    The UV rating is very high in South Asia, South America and Oceania. After an extensive R&D over the years DIMEX has developed a special high UV retardant formulation. 8000 Hours of Xenon Testing - possible only with - 7 to 8 parts of Titanium dioxide...

  • Saving energy and reducing consumption
    Saving energy and reducing consumption

    Faced with the increasingly serious global warming problem, controlling greenhouse gas emissions and slowing down the global temperature rise have become one of the thorny issues that all countries in the world need to deal with urgently. Energy saving an...

  • 8000 Hours xenon test
    8000 Hours xenon test

    It is an artificial light test to control the UV effect. To Take DIMEX Profile System to a new higher level, DIMEX’s Premium Profiles provides a Unique 8000 Hours. UV retardant Xenon test certificate. That is, to verify the longevity of the whiteness of u...

  • Green all the way
    Green all the way

    DIMEX Profiles are environment friendly dedicated to save the nature, save the trees to influence and convince builders/ developers, architects house owners -to install only the energy efficient, functional, maintenance free uPVC windows in new houses and...

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