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Why upvc profiles is preferred for windows and doors?

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The basic wooden, metal and glass doors and windows can be considered outdated or obsolete in the present times. The traditional windows surely present you with a lot of choices and options to choose from, however, they lack and fall short in the performance that the modern homes residing in the busy city require. The traditional wooden or metal windows and doors are not manufactured to keep your home safe and secured from all the corners or offer you years of robust performance and services. The traditional windows and doors not only lack in the needed performance but also demand huge efforts and resources in the form of maintenance costs. They are prone to rapid deterioration which can surely leave you drained and burn a huge hole in your pocket, in the long run. This is the reason why the wooden, metal or generic glass windows and doors cannot be considered preferred materials for windows and doors, as they strip you out of your resources and consume your time. The years of wear and tear can also demolish the overall decor and appearance of your living spaces, turning it uncomfortable and unappealing. DIMEX, one of the best UPVC window and door manufacturers in the world, offers you an ideal solution that can help you leave these issues behind and improve the quality of your life. The modern UPVC windows and doors are fiercely replacing the traditional ones in the present times. Here are the reasons that make UPVC a preferred material for windows and doors and why you should consider making the change:


Reasons That Make UPVC A Preferred Material For Windows And Doors

Water Resistant: Tough And Sturdy

Water and humidity can weigh extremely heavy on traditional windows and doors. The rainy season often comes with a lot of damages for traditional windows and doors, made up of wooden or metal. These windows and doors are not equipped to deal with the water or humidity, which results in cracks, discolouration, chipping of paints, deterioration in quality and texture, loss of shine can certainly weigh down the decor and the appearance of your living spaces in the long run. Such damages demand continuous efforts and resources from your end, which proves wood or metal, are not the preferred materials for windows and doors in your living spaces and rooms. '

DIMEX offers you UPVC windows and doors that are perfectly capable of keeping the water and humidity damages at bay! We present you UPVC windows and doors that are waterproof and are highly capable of withstanding heavy rainfall and extreme humidity. This makes UPVC a preferred material for windows and doors and can help you reduce your maintenance costs.

Wind Insulation: Robust Performance

The traditional wooden or metal windows and doors cannot be protected from the damages caused by the salty atmosphere if you live in a coastal area. These windows and doors often end up corroded and rusty, which not only destroys the appearance of your living spaces but also negatively impacts and depreciates their performance. The DIMEX UPVC windows and doors can be considered the right solution for your home and living spaces! Our windows and doors can not only promise you a sturdy and reliable performance for years but they help you turn your home safer and stronger, as well. Our windows and doors are designed to withstand harsh climate conditions and tackle raging winds up to 245km/h, keeping you and your loved ones safe and secured, without any compromise on the quality or appearance.

UV Resistant

The windows and doors in our living spaces are subjected to prolonged sun exposure. The traditional doors and windows are not equipped to deal with the strong sun exposure and the UV damage that comes with it. Discoloration, fading and patches are often visible due to the damage and demand heavy investment in order to repair and fix them. The Dimex UPVC windows and doors not only offer you a wide range of choices to choose from but they are also manufactured with Polyurethane, which helps them combat harmful UV rays, keeping the fixtures as good as new even after years of use!

Above are the 3 reasons why UPVC is the preferred material for windows and doors for your living spaces. We ,not only aim to help you save your resources but we also help you transform your home and life with our unmatched products and services.

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