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Why the PA66GF25 materials are selected as thermal strips for windows?

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PA is commonly known as nylon, abbreviated as PA. Nylon is used in many monographs and papers. PA is the base resin with the largest yield, the largest variety, the widest use and excellent comprehensive performance among the five general engineering plastics.

The application of nylon can rank the first of the five major engineering plastics, mainly because it has many excellent properties. It has outstanding characteristics in mechanical properties, chemical properties, thermal properties and so on.

The PA66GF25 materials' main features are as follows

① It has high strength. PA6, PA66, PA46, PA1010, PA610 and other varieties have high tensile strength and bending strength.

② It has very high impact strength. Especially PA11, PA12, PA1212, PA1313 and so on have very outstanding low temperature resistance performance.

(3) It has high heat resistance. The thermal deformation temperature of enhanced varieties of PA6 and PA66 reaches 210℃ and 250℃ respectively, especially PA46, which can be used at 320℃ for a long time.

④ It has excellent wear-resisting and self-moistening properties. All nylons are self lubricating. This is a property that metals cannot match.

⑤ Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. All nylons have strong resistance to swelling and corrosion of chemical reagents, drugs, strong acids and bases.

⑥ Excellent barrier performance. For example, PA6, MDX6 have better air resistance. MDX6 is particularly resistant.

⑦ Excellent flowability. Nylon can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, reaction injection molding and other methods.

⑧ has high chemical activity. The polar group in the nylon macromolecular chain can react with the monomer and the polymer containing the polar group to form a new polymer compound. This is an important condition for the preparation of high performance nylon alloys and modified composites.


The thermal strip is the structural accessory of the aluminum window profile which is widely used in the world. Its main performance to reflect the aluminum window profile match. And fully reflect the thermal insulation effect and in actual use, special environmental temperature on the transverse tensile strength requirements, and reduce the water absorption performance of PA66. Because the thermal strips and aluminum window profiles between the need to use rolling combination of the operation process. Therefore, the hardness and linear expansion coefficient of thermal strip must be taken into account. It should even be considered in depth to meet the requirements of temperature tolerance above 250℃ required in the processing of the international working code of threading before spraying.

However, we must clearly know that PA66 material without modification does not match aluminum profiles in tensile strength and linear expansion coefficient. Then we must first modify the raw material of PA66 to match the aluminum window profile. And improve its transverse tensile strength in different states to meet the requirements of weather resistance in the actual use process.

After repeated comparative experiments and nearly 20 years of practical use, the international establishment of PA66 and 25% glass fiber modified into engineering plastic as the basic material of thermal insulation ( the international has not found a more reasonable and more economic material than this material at present). Make its thermal deformation temperature (C), thermal conductivity (W /m ·K), linear expansion coefficient (K-1), impact strength (no notch) (kJ/m2), elongation at break (%), UV resistance and thermal aging performance more in line with the performance and processing characteristics of aluminum windows profiles.

The PA66GF25 Thermal strip features

* High melting point, excellent heat resistance and self-extinguishing.

* Excellent balance index for toughness, durability, electrical and other physical properties.

* Excellent oil resistance, chemical resistance.

* Excellent wear resistance, port deformation resistance and aging resistance.

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