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Why Fixed Windows Are a Great Choice for Modern Homes

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A fixed window is a window that is fixed on the wall of a building and cannot be opened. It usually consists of a fixed window frame and a fixed glass panel, has no moving parts and cannot be opened or closed.

Features and benefits of fixed windows

Good lighting effect:


Fixed windows usually use larger glass panels, which can make full use of natural light, increase indoor brightness, and make the indoor environment more comfortable and pleasant.

Simple and elegant appearance:

The window frame design of the fixed window is relatively simple, and there is no movable sash, which makes the appearance of the window cleaner and more atmospheric, and can be perfectly integrated into the overall style of the building.

Provides a good view of the landscape:

Fixed windows usually use a large area of glass, which can provide a wide view of the landscape, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the outside and increasing the ornamental value of the building.

Good sound insulation:

The fixed window adopts thicker glass and a well-sealed window frame, which can effectively reduce the introduction of external noise and maintain a quiet indoor environment.

Good thermal insulation:

The fixed window is made of high-quality materials and heat insulation technology, which has good heat insulation performance, can effectively prevent the heat from the outside from entering the room, and keep the indoor temperature comfortable and stable.

Higher security:

The fixed window has no moving parts, and the window has better airtightness, which is difficult to be damaged or invaded, which increases the safety of the building. Fixed windows are suitable for various buildings, such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings, etc., especially suitable for places that require a large glass area, enjoy the landscape or require high lighting. In short, fixed windows are a type of windows with good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, beautiful atmosphere, and good landscape views, which add unique charm and functionality to buildings.

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