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Why dimex upvc profiles are better?

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Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride commonly termed as uPVC is one of the most versatile polymers found in the century. These polymers are also known as uPVC profiles. DIMEX uPVC profiles are produced with technologically superior German manufacturing technology and under the most advanced machinery to produce the best of uPVC profiles. Let us look deeper into the manufacturing process of producing the best uPVC profiles.

Global certificates of dimex upvc profiles

DIMEX uPVC profiles and products have won various certificates, such as CE,SKZ,SGS,IFT.

These certificates are obvious evidences that DIMEX uPVC profiles are premium quality.


What makes dimex upvc profiles  certified?

Let us observe the stages the uPVC profiles undergo to be produced as flawless pieces of precision engineering. The different stages are as follows:


A world-class extrusion facility has been set up which manufacturers the superior uPVC profiles. Automatic mixing equipment uniformly mixes the ingredients in the right proportion to maintain accuracy. High precision moulds are used in the profiles to ensure a great surface finish. There is the use of superior German extrusion lines and all of these profiles are manufactured in a NABL certified laboratory to adhere to the stringent European market standards.


The materials of our profiles come from different famous brands of different countries. For example,Titanium pigment is from American DuPont .The PVC is from China.Calcium Zinc Stabilizer is from Chemson. The ASA and Pvc paste resin come from SABIC(GE Plastic). The lubricant is from Honewell&Sasol.Our hardware &accessories come from Roto.

– Reinforcement

All the uPVC profiles are produced with suitable galvanized steel reinforcements to give additional strength to the windows and doors during fabrication. These reinforcements are manufactured in great metal forming plant. These reinforcements can be customized depending on the type of thickness.

– Lamination

In order to match the ongoing modern trends, DIMEX produces its uPVC profiles in a wide range of colors such as Mahogany, Walnut, Anthracite Grey, Dark Oak and Golden Oak. All of these profiles come with a great finish as well as feel and the textures of these profiles are wood like. The laminations are superior PVDF foil which pass the 1,2000 hours Xeon test.

– High performance

Our profiles are designed with a triple -sealing and multi -chamber structure, which improve the performances of thermal insulation,sound insulation,etc.

– Quality Assurance All the DIMEX PVC profiles undergo rigorous quality checks internally in the manufacturing unit as well as externally are checked by renounced third-party laboratories. All DIMEX uPVC profiles undergo tens of parameter checks to test their durability, strength and resistance.

– Support

The commitment we make to deliver flawless uPVC profiles does not end with manufacturing. We enable our fabricators to make the best out of what we have to offer. We help them with the “Know-how” assistance as well. We provide all the accessories for fabrication as well if required by the fabricators.

After all, these stages have been cleared, only then a newly produced uPVC profile is deemed as an DIMEX uPVC profile. For excellent quality, uPVC profiles explore.

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