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What you must know about the door and window sample corner

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Know about the door and window sample corner

When we go to the door and window store, the first thing we can see is the system window sample after installation. Secondly, there will be many product sample corners in the exhibition hall. But for many people, how to understand the product is really a big problem. There are thousands of sample corners. If you want to buy a window with high efficiency, energy saving, sound insulation and heat insulation, you must know how to look at the sample corners. How to see the sample corner? Focus on the four points. It is absolutely energy-saving and efficient.


First, it must be multi-cavity structure. What is multi-cavity structure? Like this, the more cavities one cavity, two cavities and three cavities, the stronger and more stable the profile. The multi-cavity structure is divided into "C" slot cavity and multi-cavity structure. Compared with C-type cavity, multi-cavity has better thermal insulation performance and greater strength.

Second, the vertical isotherm design, the thermal insulation chamber must be on the same isotherm, and only on the same isotherm, the external air flow will not pass through the profile. The vertical isotherm refers to our glass cavity and heat insulation strip. The isobaric adhesive strip is in the same vertical line. Under the same width of the heat insulation strip, the more vertical and flat this line is, the better its heat insulation performance will be.

Third, the structure with multiple stiffeners, the more stiffeners, the more stable the profile. Because the density and rigidity of aluminum are not as good as that of steel, reasonable design of stiffeners can ensure the flatness of the frame after being stressed. At the same time, it can also solve the distortion of doors and windows caused by uneven force. For example, when the wind is strong, the doors and windows bear positive and negative wind pressure. If there is no stiffener, the doors and windows may be deformed, causing the doors and windows to fall and causing safety accidents.


Fourth, through the sample corner, we can see whether the form is filled with glue and see the glue hole. The current process is mostly pin glue injection process, which will enhance the overall stability, sealing and compression resistance of the window.

If the above four points can be met, the doors and windows will have the sound insulation and heat insulation effect that the system doors and windows should have, and theycan be purchased with confidence. More details, welocome to contact

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