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What is thermal strip?

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Thermal strip is the core members of threaded insulation profiles. It is the "broken bridge" on the path of heat transfer in aluminum profiles, reducing the transfer of heat in aluminum profiles. It is also the structural connector of the aluminum profiles on both sides of the heat insulation profiles. The three parts of the insulated profile become a whole and bear the load together through its connection. It is different from rubber strips. Thermal strip is mechanically rolled into a new composite material, can not be replaced alone. It can only be replaced together with the whole profile.

The role of thermal strip in aluminum profiles

1. Reduce heat conduction: the use of thermal profiles and insulating glass structure of broken bridge aluminum windows greatly reduce the heat conduction through Windows & Doors. In this way, people will not feel hot under the high temperature of summer. And also don't feel cold indoors in winter. Thus ensuring the indoor temperature.


2. Prevent condensation: the temperature of the inner surface of the broken bridge aluminum door and window profiles with heat insulation is close to the indoor temperature. This reduces the possibility of indoor moisture condensation on the profile surface due to supersaturation. This is crucial for window insulation.

3. Heat preservation and energy saving. Broken bridge aluminum window frames with insulation strips can reduce the heat loss through the frames by one-third. In summer, if it is in the case of air conditioning, the window frame with heat insulation can reduce energy loss more.

4. Protect the environment: through the application of broken bridge aluminum door and window insulation system can effectively reduce energy consumption, and reduce the environmental radiation caused by air conditioning and heating.

5. Beneficial to human health: The exchange of heat between the human body and the environment depends on indoor air temperature, air flow speed and outdoor air temperature. The aluminum window with heat insulation strip can effectively adjust the indoor temperature, and the temperature difference with the outdoor environment can reach 12~13℃. Make the indoor temperature is always in a comfortable state, put an end to high temperature and low temperature to bring harm to human body.

6. Sound insulation and noise reduction: the use of insulating glass structure with different thickness and heat insulation broken bridge aluminum cavity structure can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves and prevent the transmission of sound. Experimental data show that aluminum Windows with thermal insulation can reduce noise by more than 30dB.

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