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UPVC windows and doors' advantages

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The plastic windows and doors are made from PVC or UPVC materials mixed with some important additives such as stabilizing agent, colorant, filling agent. Through the extruder plasticizing, mold shaping, the mixed material is made into r various shapes of the profiles. And then the profiles are finally made into windows and doors through dozens of procedures such as the blanking, welding, installing hardware and glass.

The UPVC windows and doors  with steel reinforcements are the first choice when it comes to decorating houses, because they have a lot of great advantages as follows:

High corrosion resistance of UPVC windows and doors

The hardware used for UPVC windows and doors is made of metal which has a good corrosion resistance. So they are very suitable for corrosive environment. For example, the weather is often wet and cloudy in coastal areas, so it is better to choose UPVC windows and doors. In addition, the UPVC windows and doors with high corrosion resistance usually have longer lifespan than others.


Fine weather resistance of UPVC profile

The UPVC profile contains ultraviolet light absorber as well as low temperature resistant chemical materials, which ensures better weather resistance. It still performs well even if it is in a environment of from minus 30 degrees Celsius to minus 70 degrees Celsius. What’s more, there is no need to worry about the quality no matter the weather is hot, cold, wet or dry. The UPVC windows and doors not not easy to deteriorate and age.

Good fireproof performance of UPVC material

The melting point of UPVC material is extremely high, so it does not burn, nor does it support combustion.

Great insulation of UPVC material

The UPVC material has a good quality of insulation, which will not conduct electricity and thus has high safety.

Super thermal insulating property of UPVC door profiles

The composite materials have low thermal conductivity and better heat insulation effect than ordinary aluminum materials. With good air permeability performance, the UPVC windows and doors boast super thermal insulation, especially suitable for use in cold areas all year round. Although It is freezing snow outside, it’s warm in the house.

Good sound insulation of UPVC windoor profiles

According to related information, to achieve the same noise reduction requirements, the distance between the buildings with aluminum windows and the main road should be more than 50 meters, while the distance between the buildings with UPVC windows and the main road can be reduced to 16 meters.

Good air permeability performance of UPVC windows and doors

When the UPVC windows and doors are installed, seams are fitted with sealing strips

Good water tightness of UPVC window and door profiles

The UPVC window and door profiles have multi-chamber structure with separate drainage chamber, which can effectively drain away water.

Excellent energy conservation of sliding door profiles

The biggest advantage of upvc windows and doors is better energy conservation and very cost effective at the same time. First of all, in terms of energy consumption in the production of materials, PVC per unit weight is only 1/8 of steel and 1/16 of aluminum. In addition, when the UPVC profiles are recycled and reused, there is no need to smelt and ingot again. After the profile is broken, it can be used as raw material easily, consuming very little energy.

Recycling and reusing of UPVC profile

The UPVC profiles can be recycled and reused.Because PVC resin is a thermoplastic material, so it can be repeatedly heated into shape and reused in new profiles. This property meet environmental requirements.

All is all, UPVC windows and doors are a kind of good building material and your first choice for decoration.

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