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UPVC windows and doors on energy saving in production and use

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Sustainable development and energy conservation are pressing issues in China and even in the world. At present, our building energy consumption accounts for more than 25% of the total social energy consumption, and with the expansion of living area and the improvement of living quality, it will be higher and higher. Some experts have calculated that five more Earths would be needed to provide energy if everyone were to live according to current U. S. energy consumption.So we must save energy, and building energy efficiency, especially residential energy efficiency is very important.Building energy consumption mainly depends on four parts: walls, the roof, doors &windows and ground. The current energy consumption of doors and windows accounted for 50%.

Using uPVC windows and doors  can save much energy as follows

1. Water saving


The production of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery requires a large amount of water.And industrial production also consumes a great deal of water, such as printing, dyeing, paper making, wine making, etc. When the water is seriously polluted, some can not be restored and regenerated. However, producing the plastic windows made of PVC profiles only uses little water for cooling and has no pollution. What’s more, a pool of clean water can be recycled. If one million tons of profiles are produced, it can save the amount of water in a medium-sized reservoir each year, compared to those which consume a lot of water.

2. Power saving

It is estimated that the production of PVC per unit volume is much lower than that of metal materials.Assuming PVC is 1, steel is 4.5 and aluminum is 8.8. Both steel and aluminum are major consumers of electricity, and their energy consumption indicators are listed as important national statistical items.If 600kwh electricity is used for producing 1 ton of pvc profiles, then 600×8.8=5,280kwh electricity is used for producing 1 ton of aluminum. So 5,280-600=4,680kwh electricity is saved for 1 ton of pvc profiles than 1 ton of aluminum. 1 Million tons of pvc profiles can save 4680×1 million 468 million kwh electricity. If calculated by 0.60 yuan per kwh, it can save 2.808 billion yuan, equivalent to indirectly saving coal, water, oil, nuclear energy, etc.

3. Saving coal

According to Japanese statistics, plastic pvc windows and doors save 30% of heating and cooling energy than aluminum windows. According to statistics of relevant departments in China, the thermal insulation benefits of 100 million square meters of plastic doors and windows is equivalent to saving 400,000 tons of standard coal every year. According to the current market price of 400 yuan per ton of coal, 400,000 tons of coal can save 160 million yuan. This 400,000 tons of coal will produce about 200,000 tons of toxic gases such as coal ash and sulfur dioxide during combustion, which in turn will produce acid rain.

4. Wood saving

According to reports, 100 square meters of plastic windows can replace 5-7 cubic meters of wood.Taking the middle number 6 m3 for example, 100 million square meters of plastic windows can save 6 million m3 of wood. This 6 million m3 of wood is equivalent to 1.5 million trees with 50 cm in diameter and 20 m in height, which is equivalent to 100 km2 of vast forests surviving from cutting down.

Our efforts to use green and environment-friendly pvc plastic windows and doors will benefit not only this generation, but many more to come.

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