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UPVC windows and doors installation in winter

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After entering winter, due to the large indoor and outdoor temperature difference in winter, the processing quality of uPVC windows and doors has a serious impact. In order to ensure the processing and installation quality of windows and doors, the door and window manufacturers shall pay full attention to the following aspects, so as to avoid burning.


Precautions of casement windows

1. Before blanking and welding, the profiles shall be stored in the environment above 5°C for 24 hours.

2. The welding process temperature and time shall be properly increased based on the original welding process.

3. The length of the batten should be appropriate and should not be too long. Do not excessively pursue "tight seam ". Excessive length of the batten may cause cracking of the weld corner or groove of the batten.

4. Use high-quality sealing strip with softness under low temperature. Poor quality adhesive tape will become hard at low temperature and lose elasticity completely, which has great influence on glass assembly.

5. The length of the aluminum slide rail shall not exceed the standard. The length of the aluminum slide rail shall be about 2mm shorter than the size of the inner opening, and margin shall be reserved on both sides.

6. The wall installation of doors and windows, especially the assembly of glass bead, shall be carried out under the environment above 5°C. When assembling the glass bead, if the ambient temperature is low, it is recommended to make an insulation box, and assemble the glass bead after wrapping the electric blanket for a period of time.

7. When assembling the glass pressing strip, if there is jamming, check the size and specification, and check the welding slag cleaning and the quality of the adhesive strip, etc. , and do not knock in place to cause damage to the welding corner or the glass.

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