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UPVC windows and doors care

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UPVC windows and doors are known for their high durability, aesthetic appeal, and weatherproof nature. Owing to the many benefits they come with, they have become the best door and window options for homes and offices alike. Although the uPVC Windows and Doors are designed to resist ordinary attacks from outside, it is as well to maintain them in order to keep the profiles, the glass, the gaskets and the hardware clean.

Maintaining modern uPVC windows and enhancing their appearance does not take a lot of effort. All you need to do is makes sure that they are kept clean. uPVC windows and doors do not rust, corrode, warp, or fade, which means that their cleanliness is your only concern.

Maintenance of the windows & doors

The maintenance of uPVC windows and doors is very simple. They can be cleaned using a soft damp sponge, if necessary, soaked in a non-abrasive household detergent. Never use an abrasive product, a corrosive liquid, acetone solvent or an aromatic solvent (benzene, petrol, acetone, turpentine essence, etc). uPVC Profiles, which are difficult to clean, can be treated using special detergent without any danger for the surface of the uPVC.


Don't use a tough cloth or a scrubber for wiping the glass as it may lead to scratches. The cloth/wipe you use for cleaning your uPVC doors and windows should be smooth and soft. While cleaning, try to be as gentle as you can and don’t put an excessive amount of pressure on the windows and doors.

Cleaning of the window glass

Next is the cleaning of the glass of your uPVC window. The best possible approach is to clean it 4-8 times annually. To clean the glass, take a cloth and damp it with glass cleaner or water. If you want to try a different method, you can clean the window glass with e-cloths.

A point to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your windows is that you should avoid cleaning them in sunshine as it may lead to a streaky finish. Make it a point to clean the external as well as internal glass

Maintenance of the gaskets

The gaskets and seals are made from EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer). It is advisable to powder the seals with talc once a year so that they retain their flexibility. This will also give them an increased length of life. However, they should not be allowed to come into contact with concentrated detergents or with products manufactured from them.

Maintenance of hardware

The uPVC windows and doors are fitted with high quality hardware. In order to make it work properly, all the moving parts should be checked at least once per year and lubricated if necessary.

When you use spray oil to maintain the working part of your window, be careful that you do not get the oil on the window’s glass. In addition, the tilt and turn mechanism might have to be adjusted occasionally:your window fabricator can carry out this work if necessary.

uPVC doors and windows are certainly the best options for homes and offices when it comes to the replacement of old doors and windows owing to their aesthetically pleasing and durable nature. All they require a little effort from time to time to keep looking as good as new for years to come

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