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UPVC windows & doors market boom

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Windows and doors  play an important role in design aesthetics and energy performance of buildings, be it commercial, institutional or residential. They provide physical and visual connection between the inside and outside and enhance the overall appeal of the building.

Rising demand for well-designed windows has led to innovations in the quality and texture of the windows. Beyond aesthetics, windows are expected to perform other functions such optimizing day-lighting, insulation, energy conservation, noise attenuation and pollution control. There is great demand for windows and doors that need lower maintenance and are made of energy saving, efficient materials. With the increase in consumer aspirations, premium quality products have achieved a higher and faster market penetration globally.

The windows and doors market is still growing, as people are exposed to innovative products and increasingly looking for enhanced lifestyle and living standards. The interest of people has shifted towards the UPVC windows and doors . Over the past decade or so, the windows & doors market has witnessed tremendous growth. This upward trend is estimated to continue in the years to come, and only get stronger. According to a global study, the market is set to witness a big annual growth in the coming year.

The key factors that are driving this growth in window and door market are:

1. Steady increase in residential and non-residential building construction.

2. Efforts by the government to make affordable housing more accessible.

3. The implementation of green building programs, such as the Energy Conservation Building Regulations for residential buildings.

Though aluminium is widely used now, uPVC would be the most preferred material in future, with improvements to frame appearance, weathering performance, thermal insulation, ergonomics, raw material efficiency, sophisticated hardin recent years, the use of uPVC has grown in popularity due to low maintenance needs. Aluminium is resilient, but can pick up rust whereas uPVC never rots, flakes, rusts or fades. uPVC is also the most durable of the materials available. uPVC frames are constructed to the utmost hardness making it extremely difficult to break or damage. Aluminium is similar, if not more secure and is considered burglar-proof due to its strength. Besides, uPVC is considered as green material because it can be recycled and helps in reducing use of wood. The energy required to manufacture uPVC profiles is far lesser than that of aluminium. ware and frame durability. Moreover, it would be more cost effective and eco-friendly.

UPVC window profiles are reinforced with steel window

Therefore, the advantage of aluminium over uPVC in terms of strength is offset. In terms of performance, it is advisable to go for quality uPVC profiles as they are well engineered system products coming with Eurogroove etc. which make for more durable and high performing window solutions. uPVC profiles are more energy efficient, eco-friendly and durable.

The perception of uPVC frames and screens as a week component is a baseless one. It can match the strength of Aluminium and provides a uniquely engineered, sophisticated outer cover to house a well-engineered steel profile which provides the actual strength. Cleverly designed uPVC frame coupling arrangements and/or static bars (also known as Hurricane bars) provide additional strength to cope with wind pressure, security and human safety (passenger loading). High performance is built-in by design into every uPVC frame requiring that the correct components like steel reinforcements, gaskets, hardware and fasteners are used. The material cost difference between solid Aluminium frames and steel reinforced uPVC frames is virtually negligible when the same glass and hardware is being used. The Government’s effort towards CO2 and energy cost reduction will necessitate the introduction of thermally broken Aluminium frames. This will favour uPVC framing even more.

uPVC windows and doors have quickly become the preferred choice among homeowners, builders and architects for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, thanks to their strength, durability, and value. They are also easy to install, and low on maintenance. Among a host of other benefits, they also offer superior insulation against rain, excellent UV protection, insulation against sound, and are also resistant to salt water, termites, fire, and strong winds

As the uPVC windows & doors market is set to boom in the near future, DIMEX perfectly poised to be at the forefront of this market trend and meet the residential and commercial needs of the global market.

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