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UPVC window styles

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uPVC windows come in a variety of styles based on their opening type and purpose. Some uPVC windows are hinged and can be inward opening or outward opening. Others slide up and down without taking any extra space. There are upvc tilt& turn windows, upvc casement windows, upvc French windows, upvc Arch windows,etc. Below you can find more information about different styles of uPVC windows, which may help you choosing the best option.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

uPVC tilt and turn windows usually have three ventilation options: the window may be opened up to 90 degrees, it may be tilted to allow for moderate ventilation, or it may be set to a night vent position. Tilt and turn uPVC windows usually consist of a single large glazed segment, which lets in more light into your home. Alternatively, tilt and turn uPVC windows may combine two or more panes of glass, which are put adjacent to each other. The different uPVC window panes may be fixed or venting, the combination chosen by the client.

uPVC tilt and turn window benefits. Unlike most other types of uPVC windows, tilt and turn uPVC windows usually open inwards; this is a great benefit when cleaning, as you can easily reach the exterior surface of the glass. Due to their large size, tilt and turn uPVC windows are great for quick ventilation, all you need to do is open the window fully and the room will be filled with fresh air in a couple of minutes. This is particularly useful in winter, when you do not want to make the rooms too cold. Tilt and turn uPVC windows are durable, they provide very good heat and sound insulation and require little maintenance. Moreover, tilt and turn uPVC windows are energy efficient because of the large panes of insulating glass and high quality uPVC window seals. Tilt and turn uPVC windows are a convenient option for when it is difficult or not safe to install outward opening uPVC windows, e.g. by a busy path. Because of their size, tilt and turn uPVC windows also serve as a convenient emergency escape.

uPVC casement windows

uPVC Casement windows are often made by combining two or more segments of different sizes and opening possibilities. The segments may be fixed, side opening or tilting. You can combine fixed uPVC window segments and opening sashes as you like, there are many possibilities and variations. Usually the hardware of uPVC casement windows does not include night vent position; instead, a small window is often added which provides safe ventilation when necessary. As casement uPVC windows open outwards, they are recommended for ground floor properties (it will be easier to clean them). If you want to install casement uPVC windows into upper floors, then self-cleaning glass should be considered as a glazing option. uPVC casement windows are a great choice when replacing windows of traditional houses, as they retain the same visual impact but add superior heat and sound insulation, protection against draughts, and high security. uPVC casement windows are usually double glazed. uPVC casement windows can be decorated in a variety of ways, giving them a classical or modern look. The most common options include textured and decorative glazing, decorative sash horns, arched top panes, and window grids, e.g. Georgian bars. In addition, uPVC casement windows have many security options such as different locking types and handles, thus making them resistant to burglars.

uPVC Sliding Windows

uPVC sliding windows resemble sash windows but are put horizontally rather than vertically. Therefore they are sometimes called horizontal sliding uPVC windows. Sliding uPVC windows have two segments; one segment or both of them can be opened by sliding one over the other. Similar to sash windows, uPVC sliding windows do not take extra space, because when the window is open, one sash is parallel to the other. Moreover, uPVC sliding windows can be left open even when it is windy outside. The sashes are securely fixed and there is no danger of suddenly shutting the sash in a gust of wind. uPVC sliding windows are energy efficient, easy to use and maintain. The sashes of sliding uPVC windows can be taken out in case you need to clean or repair them. Sliding uPVC windows usually have slim uPVC window frames which increase the glass space and add elegance. uPVC sliding windows look best in modern houses and apartment buildings.

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