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UPVC window sills

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The main purpose of window sills is to protect the wall and the uPVC window from humidity. There are two kinds of window sills:interior window sills and exterior window sills.

Interior window sill  types

There are three types of interior window sills that are widely used with uPVC windows: uPVC window sills, MDF window sills and wood window sills. Below are descriptions of each window sill type .

uPVC window sills are preferred for their easy maintenance and durability. They are damp-proof and suitable for rooms that have high humidity. Plastic window sills are pressure-laminated which makes them resistant to damage. uPVC window sills are very easy to clean. They come in a variety of colours and may be decorated with wood or stone imitating designs.

MDF window sills, sometimes referred to as MDF window boards, are made of water-resistant fiberboard. They are laminated, which makes the surface resistant to heat, sunlight, and abrasion. These sills are easy to clean. There is a selection of designs available.


Wood window sills are made of genuine timber. The most popular are the ones made of pine, ash, and oak wood. Such window sills provide cosiness and a unique touch to your interior. Wood may be treated to give it a natural colour of your choice. However, wood is more sensitive to humidity, heat, and sun. Therefore, it is recommended that the surface of the wood window sill would be polished and re-varnished every few years. Wood window sills are cleaned using a damp cloth, taking care not to use too much water.

In comparison, uPVC window sills are more beneficial in damp rooms, because they are highly resistant to humidity. MDF window sills are well-protected from sunshine and heat. Wood window sills require more maintenance than uPVC or MDF, but they provide cosiness and beauty to your home.

Exterior window sill  types

The main purpose of exterior window sill is to protect the wall and the uPVC window from humidity. There are several types of exterior window sills for uPVC windows.

Galvanized tin window sills are the standard choice; they are usually fitted together with uPVC windows. Galvanized tin window sills for uPVC windows are sturdy and cheap.

Galvanized tin with colour window sills are covered in coloured polyester. They are primed, and therefore more durable. The most popular colours are white and brown, but some other colours from the RAL chart are also available.

Aluminium window sills are a modern alternative to tin window sills. They do not rust and are in general more durable. Aluminium window sills may be painted in most of the RAL colours. Different from galvanized tin window sills, aluminium window sills have end caps which are coloured to match the window sill.

Exterior window sill  specifications

Galvanized tin window sills range from 50 mm to 500 mm in width. They are measured every ten millimetres: 200 mm, 210 mm, 220 mm, and so on. In comparison, aluminium window sills may be cut less precisely, and so 200 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm and other widths are available. Our exterior window sills for uPVC windows are made from high-quality materials; they are durable and weather-resistant. All three types of exterior window sills require no maintenance.

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