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UPVC window colours

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uPVC window  frames used to have only one colour possibility - white. However, now it is possible to produce uPVC windows in various colours and you can choose the colour that you like the most.

There are three ways of adding a colour to uPVC window frames

1. Adding colour during production. uPVC window profile is coloured while in the processing line and the colour is inherent in the finished product. It is very stable, does not peel. If any scratches appear, they are of the same colour as the uPVC profile.

2. Using special paint. uPVC window frames may be coloured by using a special kind of paint. uPVC windows may be painted during the production stage, or after producing the uPVC windows. This is a difficult technique; the paint does not only cover the surface of the uPVC window frame, it also bonds with uPVC chemically. Therefore this type of uPVC window coating can last for decades without fading or peeling in all weather conditions; there is also no need for re-painting.


3. Using laminate coating. uPVC window frames may be coloured by covering them with a coloured laminate after the window is produced. uPVC window laminate foil is resistant to UV rays and does not fade. We recommend high-quality laminate foil which is weather-resistant, easy to clean and does not peel off for many years. This is the most common uPVC window colour option.

UPVC window colour possibilities are almost endless

They include the basic shades from the RAL colour chart, as well as different wood grain textures and colours, not to forget the brushed metal finish.

White colour. Even though there are many possibilities for colouring uPVC window frames, white colour remains popular. It goes well with all architectural styles and complements both traditional and modern buildings. White is also the cheapest option for uPVC windows, since uPVC window frames are originally white.

RAL colours. Your new uPVC windows do not have to be white! You can choose your uPVC window colour from many different shades and pick the one that best fits your interior and exterior. Usually uPVC window frames are coloured by covering them with a special laminate foil, which gives you an advantage of choosing different colours for both sides of the uPVC window.

Wood grain effect. For those who prefer maintenance-free uPVC windows but want to fill their homes with the cosiness that wooden windows provide, we suggest uPVC windows with wood grain imitating laminate. Wood grain laminate is made of uPVC or other materials and gives your windows the texture and colour resembling that of a genuine wooden window. You can choose your favourite wood species that you want to see on your uPVC windows, Golden Oak and Rosewood among others. Look for matt finish wood grain laminate, which is not reflective in the sunshine and therefore perfectly imitates genuine wood appearance.

uPVC window colour prices depend on two main factors. First, whether the colour is added to one side or both sides of uPVC windows. Second, the type of colour that is used. You can choose from three main categories: standard colours, non-standard colours, and brushed metal colours. Check the image gallery below for examples. Note: because of differences in computer screen settings, colour representations may differ slightly from the original.

Standard colours. If you want your uPVC windows to have a different colour than white but do not want to spend too much, choose standard colours. Available standard colours depend on the chosen uPVC profile. At the moment there are five standard colours available. Note: depending on the season, the set of standard colours may be changed.

Mahogany (Mahagoni)

Golden Oak

Anthracite Grey (Anthrazitgrau)

Bog Oak (Mooreiche)

Walnut (Nussbaum)

Non-standard colours. You can choose from a number of non-standard colours for your new uPVC windows. Give your home a fresh and original look and feel free to express yourself. The prices of non-standard window colours are higher than those of standard colours. Below there are a few examples of non-standard colours for uPVC windows.

Light Red (Hellrot)

Cobalt Blue (Kobaltblau)

Moss Green (Moosgrün)

uPVC windows coloured only on one side cost less than uPVC windows that have the same colour on both sides. The price further increases if both sides of a uPVC window are to be laminated in different colours. uPVC window colour prices also depend on the selected colour.

uPVC window colours can be chosen depending on the desired effect. Warm and dark colours like brown and black become almost invisible when there is less light and so the uPVC windows seem bigger and more open. Creamy colours add a unique touch to your property, they look their best when used in light brick houses. uPVC window frames with wood grain effect give your home a traditional and cosy look and look great in various different combinations.

uPVC window frames are laminated using high quality materials and technology, therefore the colours are resistant to peeling and fading, the surface is resistant to damage.

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