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UPVC window and door profiles

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What is uPVC?

UPVC is referred to as unplasticized(u) Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It is low maintenance and cost-effective material used for building & construction, particularly for the window and door profiles. The UPVC windows and doors are useful for various applications associated with fenestration solutions for the industrial & construction sector. Moreover, it also has properties & benefits which makes it suitable for large applications.

UPVC is strong and changing the shape under weather conditions is impossible. Neither the UPVC materials can be reshaped at high and harsh temperatures.Windows and doors with UPVC profiles  are more energy-efficient and durable than those with wood or metal profiles.

This material further classifies exhibited by the incredible resistance to chemical erosion and it also has much smoother interior walls which further help to facilitate the flow of water. UPVC performs well over a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures. The vapor barrier properties are better too. Timber in construction can be replaced with this type of material similar to double glazed window frames and window sills, also known as vinyl siding. This material is versatile and can be produced in different colors, or it can be made to look like other materials.


Which is best, uPVC, aluminum, wood or PVC?

The main disadvantage of aluminum is that it is not an energy-efficient option. Aluminum, being a good conductor of heat, allows an increase and a dispersion of heat in the building. Another drawback is the regular maintenance. Whereas, uPVC windows are a great solution to achieve an energy-efficient home. UPVC is a bad heat conductor and does not allow any loss of heat or gain heat in the interiors.

Unlike wooden frames, PVC will not warp or rot, eliminating the need for repainting or staining. Being a naturally warm material, these windows are ideal for insulating your home with minimal effort. The availability of many A-rated products ensures that your home stays warm while lowering your energy bills. Available in a range of designs and styles, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to creating the look you want.

Advantages of uPVC profiles?

The UPVC material provides insulation against rain, is recyclable, offers UV protection, sound insulation, saltwater resistance, and impact resistance, and has many other commercial applications.

As said before, U-PVC has no additional additive material like normal PVC and for production to consumes less energy input.

UPVC (non-plastic polyvinyl chloride) is one of the building materials which is liked as a substitute to traditional materials. UPVC has little maintenance, effective material to make windows and doors.

Over the past couple of years, the market has seen a growing demand for UPVC windows and doors thanks to the range of benefits offered by uPVC.

UPVC windows offer thermal insulation and aid in energy conservation. Not only that, Windows UPVC provides acute insulation with adequate windows and installations.

Public safety, energy, and environmental conservation are assets of smart cities. Due to the high compliance of UPVC windows and doors in high-rise buildings and aesthetic properties, they are more likely to emerge as the preferred fenestration choice over aluminum and timber.

As these demands for energy-efficient and impact-resistant housing infrastructure. Both energy-efficient and impact-resistant housing infrastructure can be provided by uPVC.

In the housing construction sector where there is a huge demand for energy-efficient windows. UPVC is optimistic and a good choice.

Also on account of the rise in demand from high & medium end residential apartments & hotels in metro cities emphasizes the amount of goodness the material uPVC offers.

Therefore, to improve the energy performance of their buildings, manufacturers adopt upvc windows.

How many years do uPVC profiles last?

Unaffected by weather conditions, including fading caused by harmful UV rays, uPVC windows can last 50 years or more without giving up their low maintenance benefits. And in addition to remaining clean and attractive for half their life, they also remain structurally stable, thanks to the galvanized steel reinforcements.

Economic Aspect: it is necessary to determine the duration of the other alternatives. With uPVC lasting 50 years or more with no maintenance or replacement required, the long-term costs are very low, with quality remaining high throughout the life of the window.

If you want to live in a cosy home, DIMEX upvc window profiles is your best choice.

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