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UPVC window accessories

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uPVC window accessories  features

uPVC windows can be upgraded by using hardware accessories of different kinds. They provide child safety, additional security of your property, convenient ventilation, etc.

uPVC window hardware accessories such as gradual tilt, locking handle and security handle are not expensive. The prices slightly differ depending on the selected uPVC profile type. It should be noted that uPVC window hardware accessories come in different sizes and colors to suit different needs.

Gradual tilt is designed for tilt and turn windows. This device is fitted on the uPVC window furniture and expands the opening possibilities. Instead of the standard three opening positions (tilt, open, night vent), you have six positions: four levels of tilt, open, and night vent. This way you can control the amount of air that enters the room.

Locking handle can be locked by using a key. Locking uPVC window handles are mostly intended for child safety, but they also add security to uPVC windows. In some models,locking handles have a possibility to lock the tilt and turn panel in any position (tilt,open,or night vent).


Security handle is a patent handle for both inward opening and outward opening uPVC windows, which increases safety of your property. uPVC window security handles are recommended for ground floor rooms and private houses. The handle has a special construction which prevents opening the uPVC window from the outside. For ultimate security, combine uPVC window security handles with additional security elements on uPVC window furniture.

uPVC windows can have other accessories that are not included in the price calculator. To check availability of these uPVC window hardware accessories and get a quote, please contact our staff.

Low profile uPVC window handles are made specifically for uPVC windows with blinds. Low profile handles are flat and do not hinder the operation of the blinds. Low profile uPVC window handles can replace existing handles in espage locking system. However, there is no locking mechanism.

Switch barrier is very useful for tilt and turn windows as it blocks any incorrect positioning of the handle. Tilt and turn uPVC windows usually have three opening positions and so the same handle is used to open the window, to select the tilt position and to select the night vent position or micro-ventilation. It is necessary that the uPVC window would be closed before choosing another opening facility; otherwise, it may cause damage to the uPVC window hardware. Switch barrier is designed to prevent any such incorrect motion; it is fixed close to the handle. Note: switch barrier should not be touched, as the device is sensitive to physical pressure.

Window hinge covers are designed to hide uPVC window hinges from view. The colour can be selected from several options, to go with the colour of uPVC windows.

uPVC window locking  systems

uPVC windows come in a variety of styles and therefore have different locking mechanisms. Below are descriptions of some of the most common types: espagnolette locking, double espagnolette locking, shoot bolt locking and tilt and turn locking. They differ in terms of price and security level.

Double espagnolette locking is a more secure uPVC window locking option, suitable for most outward opening uPVC windows. It has more locking points (four or more), which move into opposite directions when closed. Compared to the single espagnolette system, where all mushroom bolts are locked in one direction, double espagnolette system provides a much better resistance to forceful opening from the outside. It has a slightly higher price compared to the single espagnolette system.

Shoot bolt locking is an advanced, high-security locking option for outward opening uPVC windows. In addition to the mushroom shaped roller bolts in the central part of the uPVC window, they have shoot bolts at the top and bottom,which helps to secure the corners. Another improvement is friction points which are situated in the upper and lower part of the uPVC window. In total, this locking system has 5 or more locking points that provide high security of your uPVC windows However, shoot bolt locking mechanism has a higher price than standard espagnolette locking. Moreover, when ordering uPVC windows with shoot bolt mechanism, it is very important to have all parts fitting perfectly. As shoot bolt mechanism involves more locking points, all the keeps (where those locking points enter when the window is closed) must be located precisely. Otherwise, there may be difficulties in closing the uPVC window smoothly and it may wear the uPVC window locking mechanism sooner than expected.

Tilt and turn locking differs from other systems in that it is designed for inward opening windows, specifically tilt and turn windows. uPVC windows with this kind of locking are considered highly secure. It usually involves more locking points, which are located around the perimeter of the uPVC window sash, thus making it very difficult to break into. The number of locking points varies; it depends on the security level desired by the customer. Tilt and turn locking system requires different handles compared to other locking systems. The handle has to operate 180 degrees, so it is bigger and stronger. Handles for tilt and turn uPVC windows can be locking or without locks.

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