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UPVC profiles' features of DIMEX

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Originated from Germany, with long development history, production experience and strong capacity

● Born in Germany in 1933,DIMEX  has been engaged in the research&development, production of plastic profiles and service of door and windows more than 40 years history. DIMEX, a famous German door and window profile system, is well-known for the excellent design and consistent high-end quality in Europe and the world.

● In 1999, DIMEX brand entered China and established a UPVC profile  production base in Taicang, Jiangsu Province--DIMEX (Taicang) Window Profile Co., Ltd., which produces plastic door and window profiles in strict accordance with German standards and sells them all over the world.

Advanced profile formulation system and selected high-quality materials

● The main component of the plastic profile PVC is Huasu-Ethylene method pvc,its whiteness and anti-aging index are much higher than the commonly used petroleum method PVC, and the price is 500 yuan higher per ton.


● ASA of double-color co-extrusion material is the third-generation product of American General Corporation. ● Anti-aging additive Titanium Dioxide TIO2 is selected from DuPont. ● Surface treatment agents are from Honeywell products.

● Impact-resistant additives are FMP55/PA-21 and KANAKA products of Japan Zhongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

● Stable pigment is selected from German BASF.

● Weatherability window film and coating process adopts the product technology of German Renault Litt.

● In order to provide first-class product quality, the amount of calcium carbonate added in the profiles of our company is 7-8 parts---about 20 parts for domestic large profile manufacturers.

● The use of the above processing materials makes the surface of the materials produced by our company delicate texture, high whiteness, and anti-aging performance to achieve the national advanced 6000 hours (submitted to the National Testing Center report)--- and 50 years of daily weather and climate.

Advanced process equipment and molds

● Extruders from German Weber, Cincinnati, Klaus Murphy

●Setting machine and traction machine from Grina, Austria.

● Mixing equipment from Lemaitre, Italy

● A full set of high-speed molds imported from Austria.

● The application of advanced extrusion equipment and molds ensures the standard geometric shape of the profile and the fine precision of the processing.

Rationality of profile shape and chamber design

● The product range covers from 60 to 65 casement doors and windows, from three-chamber two-sealing to five-chamber three-sealing, from 60 double-track sliding door to 170 lift&slide door series, totaling 15 series with more than 200 sets of molds, greatly enriching the design selection of various window types.

● The unique hardware card slot design, on the one hand,brings the accuracy and convenience of hardware installation. Ordinary workers only need to put hardware into the card slot to tighten screws.(other profile hardware installation requires professional workers.If the accuracy of measurement and scribing assembly is not high,after used for a period,often hardware owners use for a period of time,the door and window will open inflexibly or there will be hanging angle problems).On the other hand,0.5 mm high hardware slot can play a rain-proof role,to prevent excessive rainfall because water drainage holes can not discharge the water suction and leakage.

● The unique glazing depth design:the glazing depth of DIMEX profiles is 20MM while others are 18MM.This spare 2MM depth has two functions:first, it can strengthen the safety of the glass;second,the the polysulfide glue is used in the middle of the hollow glass, so if the glazing depth is too shallow, under a long time of sunlight,the polysulfide glue will volatilize, deteriorate, thereby affecting the sound insulation,waterproofness and anti-condensation function of the hollow glass.

● Exclusive V-port design for glass bead,on the one hand,enhances the overall beauty of the doors and windows,making the window lines beautiful and stereoperception strong.On the other hand,it can not damage the profile under the circumstances of glass replacement.(The design of the rest profile is a one-time close combination,so the damage of dismounting is great.)

● Double-drainage cavity design reduces the complexity of profile use and stock varieties,thus facilitating customers.

Strict and complete testing system

DIMEX has set up a perfect testing system according to international standards, equipped with the most advanced high and low temperature alternating test chamber, thermal variable Vicat softening temperature tester, fillet strength tester,projector and other 20 sets of experimental equipment, with nearly 100 testing items, meeting the configuration requirements of similar laboratories in Europe, ensuring the product quality to meet the strict requirements of the international market, strictly controlling the entry inspection of raw materials,production process inspection, physical and chemical inspection of finished products and factory sampling inspection and other quality links to ensure product quality.

Good cost performance and quality service

The quality of DIMEX products is first class,and the price is very competitive.

We can provide comprehensive pre-sale,in-sale,after-sale service and technical guidance and calculation on profiles,windows and doors, and cooperate with our clients in all aspects.

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