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UPVC profiles vs aluminium profiles

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You may wonder why you should choose uPVC profiles  for your doors and windows rather than aluminium ones?

UPVC is a great material to use in your house as a joinery solution. However, there are several key differences between the materials, particularly in terms of performance, cost and appearance. Here is a break-down of the pros and cons of both, so you can make an informed decision.

UPVC window and doors  Pros

1. High Performance

Most energy efficient, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer


High sound resistance, blocks out street noise up to 34dB reduction

Can eliminate most condensation – depends on sources within your home

Watertight and airtight

2. Long Life span

Lasts 40+ years, with no fading, corrosion, warping and with minimal maintenance

3. Strong Structure

Solid looking product

Steel reinforcements for strength and load bearing

Welded corners

4. Adaptable Look

They comes in a range of styles to fit the design of your house. There are different styles of UPVC windows, like sliding windows, casement windows, Tilt and turn windows, villa windows.

5. No corrosion and dents

The polymer and additive coupled uPVC profiles are impervious to corrosion. They also possess a high composite strength that prevents major dents.

6. Stain resistant and waterproof

The structural properties of uPVC profiles make it waterproof. The superior finish does not allow any particles to stick on it and its anti-staining feature makes it easy to clean the uPVC profiles.

7. Low Maintenance

UPVC profiles require practically no maintenance. All you need to do is occasionally clean the windows or doors and frames. That’s it.

Easier to maintain and clean. Just clean them with a damp cloth and they are new as ever!

8. Recyclable

Can be recycled into new windows and doors

Aluminium window Pros

1. Great Look

Slim profile Easily formed into designer shapes, therefore fitting well into modern architecturally designed buildings

2. Affordable Price

Standard aluminium is cheaper than uPVC. Thermally bridge cutoff aluminium is similar in price.

3. Easy to installI

As it has high installation tolerance

4. Upgradable

Old aluminium can be retrofitted with double glazing

UPVC window doorCons

1. Limited range of window shapes

UPVC is harder to manufacture than aluminium, therefore harder to make into unique shapes.

2. Not as well-known in the market place by consumers.

Aluminium window door Cons

1. Low performance

No thermal efficiency, meaning the cold and heat transfer easily through the profiles, making the frames either hot or cold to touch, depending on the outside weather

Condensation forms easily on frames and glass

Transmits noise easily

2.Short life span

Pitting and corrosion are an issue. Aluminium profiles rust and cause corrosion when they get oxidized upon contact in the air. The AlO(Aluminium Oxide) forms a white powdery coating over the metal profiles.

These profiles get brittle, dented and break over the time as well.

Colour fade

Corners of frames (mitres) often pull apart over time.

3. Reduced security

Easy to pull rubber out and remove the glass from the outside

4. High U-value

5. High Maintenance

Aluminium is not stain resistant. Water splashes and dust tend to easily accommodate on its surface. These stains are not easy to get rid of.

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