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UPVC energy-saving windows and doors 12 advantageous performances

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Dimex high-quality windows and doors features

Dimex UPVC window profiles have "Green Building Selected Products" approved

● UPVC plastic material is a kind of low-energy and recyclable environment-friendly material, which can effectively replace wood, steel, aluminum alloy and other non-renewable or energy-intensive resources.

● Low energy consumption and no pollution during the processing of profiles, windows and doors.

● Energy consumption of doors and windows is obviously saved in the process of building use.

Excellent sealing performance and thermal insulation performance of UPVC door profiles

● UPVC doors and windows have good air tightness and water tightness. Because the profile has a unique multi-cavity structure and is made into doors and windows through the welding process, multiple compression rubber sealing strips installed at the opening and closing parts. The specially designed drainage groove ensures good drainage, so that you can stay away from dust and prevent water seepage and leakage.

● Meanwhile, it has good heat preservation and energy saving property. The energy consumption of the existing doors and windows in China is more than twice that of the developed countries. The thermal insulation performance (mainly thermal conductivity) and air tightness of the external windows are the two main indicators that affect the energy consumption of the external windows. Plastic door and window profiles are multi-cavity structure with good thermal insulation performance. Its material heat transfer coefficient is extremely low, in terms of its thermal conductivity. PVC material is 1/1250 of aluminum,1/360 of iron.

Good sound insulation performance and economical investment of UPVC profiles

For buildings meeting the same noise requirements, the distance between the building where aluminum alloy doors and windows are installed and the traffic trunk road shall be more than 50m, and it can be shortened to less than 16m if PVC doors and windows are used. For the family to face the greater noise interference, the use of well-sealed plastic steel doors and windows and high-quality hollow glass can effectively reduce the noise of more than 40 dB, so that you enjoy quiet comfort. Such good sound insulation effect is mainly determined by the properties of multi-chamber UPVC composite materials constituting doors and windows.

PVC door and window is safe and durable

PVC door and window materials themselves neither self-ignite, nor help self-ignition fire with excellent electrical insulator,non-conductive, high safety factor.Its unique formula has good weather resistance, and can be used for a long time in the sun exposure, ice and snow humid temperature difference environment, without aging, embrittlement and other phenomena. Under normal conditions, the service life can be more than 50 years. All the glass beads of doors and windows are installed indoors, and the high-quality hardware with anti-prying function can greatly improve the safety performance.

Full set of advanced processing technology is introduced from Germany, mature application function, luxurious appearance.

Maintenance for DIMEX PVC windows and doors

The maintenance of Dimex windows and doors is extremely convenient.During daily maintenance, only the following points shall be noted:

● After the newly installed PVC doors and windows, the protective film on the surface of the doors and windows shall be removed in time to avoid the aging packaging film from degumming and polluting the appearance of the doors and windows;

● Heavy objects shall not be hung on handles of the windows, doors and hardware to avoid deformation affecting normal use.

● In order to maintain the normal function and extend the service life of doors and windows, they must be maintained regularly.

Following maintenance work shall be carried out once a year:

● Check whether the hardware is firmly installed and whether the switch is flexible. If necessary, lubricate all moving parts.

● Check the sealing rubber strip. If it is damaged, call the customer service or replace the damaged rubber strip by yourself.

● Check whether the gutter inlet is unobstructed and remove the settled dirt.

● Check whether the glass is loose and whether there is a gap with the adhesive tape and repair it.

● When the door and window surface is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in common detergent and clean water.

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