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Understanding Passive Windows: what are they and how do they work?

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What is a passive window?

Passive windows are energy-saving doors and windows designed based on passive design. Passive windows are not an energy consumption standard, but a system door and window solution that balances efficiency, building appearance, and good comfort; And "passive design" applies the natural principles of sunlight, wind force, temperature, and humidity in nature, trying to avoid relying on conventional energy consumption, and improving and creating a living environment through planning, design, and environmental configuration of building techniques; There is basically no need to install additional heating and cooling equipment.

Although passive windows may not differ significantly from regular windows in appearance, they differ from regular window types in design and installation. The passive window is an integrated system that includes a unique external installation method, a dedicated new energy-saving subframe system, pre compressed expansion cotton, waterproof and breathable film, waterproof and breathable film, window sill panels, etc. This requires scientific calculation based on the actual situation of the project to select the configuration, and requires measures such as no thermal bridge and air tightness, which are much more integrated with passive buildings than ordinary windows and buildings.


According to the research results of the Passive House lnstitute (PHI) in Germany, the windows of passive houses must comply with the following four characteristics:

1. Three layers of low energy consumption or equivalent glass

2. High insulation performance warm edges;

3. High insulation window frame;

4. Optimize the installation method in the wall.

Only when the windows fully match these conditions can the insulation, noise reduction, and waterproofing effects be achieved to a greater extent.

The difference between passive windows and system windows

1. Passive windows have little difference in material compared to regular windows, and their passive door and window systems can be divided into passive aluminum system windows, passive aluminum clad wood system windows, passive high-performance PVC system windows, passive wooden cable system windows, and passive entry doors.

2. The key focus of the system window is on the production of thin aluminum profiles, hardware, and other products, as well as product research and development design, mid to late service projects, and comprehensive energy utilization. It has excellent characteristics, long usage time, and convenient practical operation. Overall, the cost of the system window is actually lower. After production, strict testing and testing will be carried out on each component, so each component is well matched. Not prone to common faults, so it has good stability.

3. Passive window is a green energy-saving door and window designed according to passive design. Passive window is not an energy consumption specification, but a systematic door and window solution with efficiency, building appearance and excellent comfort. "Passive design" uses the natural sun, wind speed, temperature, and environmental humidity as the natural basic principles, and does not rely on the consumption of non renewable energy as much as possible, The engineering construction techniques equipped with natural environment to improve and create a living natural environment; Basically, there is no need to modify heating or refrigeration equipment.

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