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Types and characteristics of aluminum alloy casement windows

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Understand the main types, forms, characteristics and applications of aluminum alloy doors and windows, master the structure of window frames and sashes of aluminum alloy sliding windows, master the basic method of determining the size of aluminum alloy, understand the application of hardware and construction machines and tools of aluminum alloy doors and windows, be able to complete the correct installation operation according to the process of aluminum alloy sliding windows, control the construction quality, and correctly implement the finished product protection of aluminum alloy sliding windows,

Due to the characteristics of materials, aluminum alloy casement windows avoid the shortcomings of traditional wooden casement windows, such as easy deformation and durability, and have the characteristics of more lightweight, solid, high performance, easy to form, beautiful and so on. Therefore, their structure, installation process, construction operation and other aspects are very different from wooden casement windows. The aluminum alloy window shown in Figure 4-1 includes the upper fixed window and the lower inward opening casement window. Correctly use machines, tools, hardware, accessories and accessories to complete the installation and fixation of window frames and the assembly of window sashes.

Types and characteristics of aluminum alloy casement windows

Aluminum alloy casement windows have the advantages of large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. Aluminum alloy casement windows are divided into internal casement windowscasement windows.


 The advantage of the inner opening window is that it is convenient to clean the window, but the disadvantage is that the window width is small and the field of vision is not wide. It takes up part of the indoor space when opening, and it is inconvenient to use the screen window. If the sealing quality is not qualified, it may also leak rain. The advantage of the outward opening window is that it does not occupy space when it is opened, but the disadvantage is that it takes up space outside the wall when it is opened, and it is easy to be damaged when there is a strong wind.

In cold areas or rooms with special requirements, double-layer aluminum alloy casement windows are also used. Aluminum alloy double-layer casement windows have different opening methods, commonly used are inner window opening, outer window opening and double-layer both outer opening.

Structural node of aluminum alloy casement window

At present, the widely used aluminum alloy casement profiles include 38 series and 50 series aluminum alloy profiles.

Right angle butt joint tenon of aluminum alloy casement profile, four corner connection of aluminum alloy window, installation node of aluminum alloy casement (door) window, and assembly node of ordinary aluminum alloy casement window.

4-4 aluminum alloy casement (door) window installation node

a) (door) window frame installation b) fixed sash installation

Main hardware and accessories of aluminum alloy casement window

Main hardware

The main hardware of aluminum alloy casement window includes handle, hinge, connecting rod, lock, pin, fixing block, etc.

1-spinning handle (fixed / open), handle a, handle B 2-connecting rod joint 4-lock slider parts

4-plug 5-flat hinge 6-lifting block 7-fixing block 8-locking block 9-upper pin block

10 steering angle 11 pin block 12 transmission rod 14 connecting block 14 rotating bearing seat 15 bottom pad

16 lower pin block

Accessories and accessories

The main accessories of aluminum alloy casement windows include: rubber sealing strips, glass fillets, wool strips, wind blocks, and the main accessories include: shooting nails, expansion bolts, foam sealant, silicone, etc.

Construction equipment and Application

In addition to the common machines and tools described in the previous task, the following tools need to be used in the construction of aluminum alloy casement windows.

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