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Tilt & Turn Windows: The Perfect Solution for Modern Homes

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Introduction of Tilt & Turn Windows

Opening inside and falling inside is a kind of window that can be opened 90 degrees vertically to the room, and can also be opened horizontally downwards at a small angle to the room.

Tilt & Turn Windows are door and window systems that can be opened indoors and can be hung inward for ventilation. They are widely used in Europe and are different from American windows and outward-opening windows.

Working principle of inner opening and inner inverted window

Tilt & Turn Windows operate the handle of the window sash to drive the corresponding movement of the hardware actuator, so that the window sash can be opened flat or tilted indoors at a certain angle for ventilation.

The main features of tilt and turn windows


1. Ventilation. Because the inverted position is another way to open the casement window, the room can be naturally circulated with the natural air, the indoor air is fresh, and the possibility of rainwater entering the room is eliminated. Clean air undoubtedly creates a comfortable living environment for people.

2. Security. The linkage hardware arranged around the window sash and the various functions of the handle can be operated indoors. When the window sash is closed, the surroundings of the window sash are fixed on the window frame, so the safety and anti-theft performance is excellent.

3. Easy to clean windows. Simple operation and linkage handle can make the outside of the window sash turn indoors. It is convenient and safe to clean the outer surface of the window.

4. Practicality. It avoids occupying indoor space when the inward opening window is opened, and it is inconvenient to hang curtains and install lifting clothes rails.

5. Good sealing and heat preservation performance. Through multi-point locking around the window sashes, the sealing and heat preservation effects of doors and windows are guaranteed.

A window not only lets light and air into a room, it also acts as a form of communication. The first thing people see a window is the frame with glass, but the window itself contains a lot of technology. After countless switches and flips, the true meaning of the window is revealed.

Ordinary inward-opening windows are upgraded to European-style Tilt & Turn Windows by replacing the hardware. It is easy to open and easy to use, especially the inward-facing function, which can not only ventilate, but also resist wind, which saves indoor space and is convenient for hanging curtains , and can prolong the service life of hardware.

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