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The quality of PVC window and door accessories can not be ignored

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In the family decoration,the pvc windows and doors have many advantages such as anti-corrosion,energy-saving,sound insulation,strong decorative,etc.So they are popular among the public.However,in the popularization and application,consumers often ignore the functions of hardware.

In fact,to fully reflect the pvc doors and windows watertight,airtight,sound insulation,thermal insulation four superior performance,in addition to high-quality profiles,but also rely on hardware configuration.

The importance of PVC Window and Door  Accessories

Inferior hardware can cause many trouble and inconvenience.It makes it inflexible to open the window sash or push the window.The window can’t be closed tightly. The window sash maybe sag or even fall off.Relevant experts point out that the price,grade and service life of hardware are the key constraints of the value and service life of doors and windows.

The price of foreign high-grade door and window hardware has approached or exceeded the price of the door and window itself.And the domestic consumers think that hardware must be cheap.So hardware manufacturers minimize the cost.The process is simplified.The material is changed.The grade is reduced.And the quality and the service life of the pvc doors and windows can not be guaranteed.


In fact,in addition to the main profiles,the most important part of pvc doors and windows are hardware.Now the door and window hardware is also more and more concerned by the owners.The choice of good hardware will not only make your doors and windows more useful,but also extend the service life of the doors and windows to double the effect.

For Sliding windows,the most important is the roller.The cost of an imported roller is about 10-15 yuan/piece.When push or pull, it almost has no noise. And the service life maybe 30 years. In fact, many people replace the old doors and windows not because the door and window profiles are damaged ,but because most of the doors and windows can not be pushed,or the lock can’t work.At this time,there is a long time to scrap the materials! Therefore,it is more cost effective to choose high-grade hardware.

In summary, when choosing the pvc windows and doors, the hardware is equally important.

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