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The president of DIMEX Group visited DIMEX Taicang.

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Mr. Jurgen Manfred Haug, General manager of the DIMEX GROUP GmbH, arrived in China recently for an official visit to Taicang City(his second hometown outside Germany). The connection between Taicang and Germany has a long history. As a model city of friendly cooperation between China and Germany, Taicang's cooperation with Germany began in 1993. At present, there are more than 260 German-funded enterprises in Taicang City.

Haug's relationship with Taicang began in 2001. At the time, China's property market was booming. Led by him, the German Windoor Association and its subsidiaries have set their sights on China, a hot land for investment. Haug has brought DIMEX and three other German profile companies to China. He was the first to set up a branch in Shanghai in 1999. After continuous market research and investment investigation, DIMEX finally invested in the establishment of factory in Taicang in 2001 - That is "DIMEX (Taicang) Window Profile Co., LTD.


After years of development, DIMEX's cooperation with Taicang and China continues to deepen. In 2017, DIMEX established a Sino-German joint venture "DIMEX (Xi 'An) Branch" in Xi 'An City of Shaanxi Province through cooperation with Xi 'An Gaoke Group (a state-owned enterprise), and began to produce European style window and door profiles in Xi 'An to serve the northern China market.

During his stay in Taicang, Haug visited the new office, insulation strip workshop and laboratory of DIMEX. He shook hands with the on-site staff one by one and brought the friendly greetings of DIMEX Group. Haug expressed satisfaction with the current development of the two plants in the China. At the same time, he also put forward higher standards for the future development of DIMEX in accordance with the standards and management concepts of similar German enterprises.


On this trip to China, Haug also brought gifts to DIMEX (Taicang). The first is to finalize the annual cooperation agreement with the leader brand of German aluminum window/door system by Thermal insulation profiles. Secondly, the order permission of "polyurethane foamed insulation strips" was obtained from German buyer on this basis. Because the "polyurethane foamed insulation strip" product is still a blank in China. Users can only purchase such products from Europe. German customer's new order will help DIMEX(Taicang) quickly occupy this strategic high ground and achieve a comprehensive lead in the domestic polyamide insulation strip industry.


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