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The new factory of DIMEX - a new chapter of door and window profiles

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After three years of effective control and mitigation of the epidemic, we have finally ushered in a new journey. Various global policies have been gradually liberalized, and the construction market has also been further improved. This initiative has also brought new opportunities and challenges to the Xi’an branch of DIMEX Door and Window Profile. Taking advantage of the great trend in the industry, the Xi’an branch of DIMEX has focused its attention on finding new production bases, planning to expand production scale, make better products, and serve customers better.

In November 2022, DIMEX Door and Window Profile Xi'an Branch began to relocate in an orderly manner according to the original plan, and officially completed the factory relocation in early December. In mid December, it was put into normal use and began production.

DIMEX New Factory Scale Equipment


During the relocation planning and implementation process, the company has invested a lot of time and energy to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the new factory, and comprehensively guarantee product quality. The new factory covers an area of approximately 66700 square meters, with 45 Claus Maffei high-speed extruders and 10 nylon insulating strip production lines. The advanced equipment and technology of the new factory will further enhance our ability to customize products, and can provide a wider range of DIMEX door and window profiles for customers with personalized needs. In addition, it has significantly increased production, enabling more products to be produced at the same time, which will mean that our customers will enjoy shorter delivery times, making it easier to plan their later production plans.

DIMEX New Factory Local Impacts In addition to improving our own equipment technology and product quality, the relocation of factories has also provided great convenience and benefits to the local community. In order to further meet and support the expansion of the workshop business, we have hired many new employees locally, creating more employment opportunities for the local community. Besides, with the increase in production capacity, the new factory will have a certain positive impact on the local economy, making it more beneficial for suppliers and services in relevant local industries. Last but not the least, the move to relocate our Xi'an branch to a new location is a strong commitment to innovation and development by DIMEX Door and Window Profile. We have invested a large amount of money in the improvement of technology and equipment, which enables us to produce higher quality products at a more competitive price, maintain a leading position in the industry, and provide a better living life for more people!

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