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The function of sliding doors

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Sliding doors' functions

1. Divide the space. Sliding doors, no matter how different their styles are, without exception, play a role in space limitation and separation. The strength of the limit can be determined by the size, material, style, and color of the sliding door. Opaque, dark colored, and hard sliding doors have strong separation strength, giving clear boundaries to the space. This type of sliding door is suitable for separating large spaces with high floor height. Sliding doors with small size, light and thin materials, and good permeability have low space limitations and unclear spatial interfaces. However, they can achieve continuous separation in spatial division, maintain good fluidity, and enrich the hierarchy of the space. This sliding door is suitable for dividing various living spaces and limiting local spaces.

2. Block the line of sight. Sliding doors have varying degrees of obstruction to the view due to differences in material transparency. Different functional areas have different requirements for visibility. When dividing a large space into small spaces through partitions, lighting should also be considered. For reading areas with high lighting requirements, sliding doors with good transparency can be used. For areas that require a certain amount of lighting and do not require too good transparency, semi transparent sliding doors can be selected, which can not only meet lighting requirements but also block certain lines of sight.


3. Proper sound insulation. Soft fabric, sponge and foam materials all have certain sound absorption ability, so the sliding door decorated with these materials has a good sound insulation effect.

4. Enhance privacy. In modern living, spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms are no longer enclosed by fixed four brick walls like before. In personalized design, transparent glass bathroom is not uncommon. In order to take care of the privacy of life, the entrances to these areas can be covered by movable sliding doors.

5. Increase spatial elasticity. The sliding door can be activated or moved at any time according to the usage requirements, structural form, and decorative style, and the space can also be opened or closed, enlarged or reduced accordingly, making it more flexible and changeable according to subjective wishes, allowing everyone to have certain freedom in space requirements and increasing spatial flexibility.

6. Replace the flush door on the wardrobe. Previously, old-fashioned wardrobes used flush doors and were a complete set of furniture with a fixed style, single style, and stylized appearance. Now, they are gradually being replaced by overall wardrobes. Customized wardrobes with measuring scales and fashionable and practical sliding doors not only meet customers' own wishes and requirements, but also ensure smooth use, making them the first choice for modern home life. Imagine pairing a fashionable sliding door on a wardrobe, which is elegant and tasteful. When used, it can be pushed left and right, making it much more convenient to use than previous flat doors.

These are the characteristics of sliding doors, which cannot be replaced by ordinary doors. We hope that users can consider where to use sliding doors when expanding space and enhancing lighting. Choose a suitable sliding door to enhance the taste of home life.

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