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The export business of DIMEX is in full swing!

Time : 2023-12-14 Hits : 12

Insulating profiles and windows work together, the export business of DIMEX is in full swing,

Plan well in the first quarter,

cast the net widely in the second quarter, 

and take the initiative in the third quarter......

After the first three quarters of preparation, 

DIMEX's export business finally ushered in the fourth quarter. 

Under the premise of steady UPVC profile business growth, 

SPC flooring had entered the market of India and Central Asia, 

thermal insulating strips had been exported to Poland and Russia, 

Our UPVC Windows also successfully gained the order from United Kingdom and the Netherlands in December.

It is showing a full bloom.

As export performance continues to rise, the future of DIMEX is sure to be brighter! 

Let's look forward to 2024 together!

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