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The differences between window and door systems

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To put it simply, there is a "Window & Door System" followed by a "System Window & Door ". In this field, the system window&door is figuratively called as "brand computer ", while the common bridge-cutoff aluminum window and door is called" assembly computer ". This description may be better understood!

Building energy-saving standards are higher and higher today, we find that more and more aluminum doors and windows do not meet energy-saving standards. why? Let’s see!

"Door and window system" refers to a whole composed of materials, structure, door and window form, technology and performance, which is developed by the system for the purpose of engineering design, manufacturing and installation of building doors and windows meeting the set performance and quality requirements.

Five core features of system doors and windows: systematic design, high heat insulation profile, standard material formula, high-quality hardware system, rigorous production process.

"System doors and windows ": It is a perfect organic combination of performance systems. Based on the way of thinking system integration, the door and window systems are developed for different regional climate environments and functional requirements, various performances shall be considered, such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation, anti-theft, operation feel. Design, manufacture and installation shall be carried out according to the overall solution requirements and strict procedures to finally form high-performance system windows and doors, which have high reliability and high cost performance.


What is a true energy efficient system window and door?

The real energy-saving system door and window is not just heat-insulated bridge-broken aluminum profile or energy-saving Low-E hollow glass. It is a perfect combination of the system and the comprehensive results of the performance of each link.

Convection: the heat loss is caused by the circulation flow of hot and cold air through the gap of doors and windows, and the heat exchange is caused by the gas convection, resulting in the heat loss.

Conduction: heat conduction is the heat transfer carried out by the molecular movement of the material used for doors and windows, which is transferred to the other side through one side of the material, resulting in heat loss.

Radiation: radiation is mainly transmitted directly in the form of ray, resulting in energy loss.

What factors should be considered to measure whether building doors and windows  are energy efficient?

Design and selection of profiles

If the thermal insulation strip on the frame and sash is not on the same side, the indoor and outdoor profiles will be connected together by metal hardware fittings around the thermal insulation strip, so that the heat can be conducted quickly and the energy-saving performance of doors and windows will be affected.

The performance of different profiles is different, mainly because the different heat conductivity coefficient determines the energy consumption of doors and windows. When you choose a material, it is very important to the profile section design.

Selection of glass

Glass is mainly heat radiation loss energy, and the glass almost occupy the entire area of the doors and windows, related to the heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-collision, pressure and sunlight refraction function of the doors and windows. If the glass material is not good, poor heat insulation and sound insulation will result in unnecessary living cost.

So to ensure the overall building energy-saving, when we choose the building windows and doors glass, we have to choose glass reasonably.

Selection of hardware accessories

"Hardware accessories are the heart of the whole door and window, not the supporting role. It can let the door and window play the greatest practicality and beautification. "Hardware fittings play a significant role in energy-saving doors and windows. They are not only closely related to the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also play a very important role in safety and other performances. High-quality brand hardware shall be selected as far as possible, including handle parts, transmission locking parts, auxiliary parts and other combinations. System doors and windows are designed to optimize the linkage of components, which can let the doors and windows "live" , more user-friendly.

Correct assembly and installation

The above points are the requirements of several groups of components of doors and windows, and it is very important to select components reasonably. The correct combination of multiple components into a system is a perfect energy-saving door and window, so it is also very important to have the strength and experience of the door and window assembly plant. If the quality of the system doors and windows is good and all kinds of combination performance is excellent, once there is something wrong with the installation, there will be safety hazards. Falling accidents of high-altitude doors and windows are common, among which there are reasons for improper installation.

System doors and windows strictly implement the standardized operation process in production and assembly, and have independent supporting scheme in installation procedure to ensure a high-quality service experience for customers.

What is the energy saving purpose of system doors and windows?

1. Protect the health of residents by creating a healthy and comfortable environment;

2. Protect the building structure and decoration structure from the natural damage of condensate or rainwater in the air;

3. Reduce energy consumption of heating and air conditioning;

4. Reduce maintenance and operating costs.

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