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The difference between top performance windows and ordinary Windows - part 2

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Super Quiet Performance.To isolate the disturbance and enjoy the prosperity.

DIMEX’s top performance window is to create the ultimate silent effect for you. We use compound noise reduction technology, innovative development of honeycomb profile cavity, three TPE rubber strip sealing, 3-4 layers of ultra-quiet glass, 7+1 multi-chamber design and other leading technology. We just want to give you a quiet and comfortable home experience through multi-layer sealing and multi-layer noise reduction.

Super heat preservation and insulation performance - Warm in winter and cool in summer.

DIMEX's top-performance Windows are PHI certified by the German Passive House Institute. We use LOW-E low-radiation glass, 3-TPE rubber strip sealing, multi-layer energy barrier, perfect barrier energy loss. Excellent thermal insulation performance, to provide you a healthy and pleasant comfortable living space.

Super air tight performance, make the Windows bright and clean


DIMEX's top performance Windows use magnetic lock points. This not only ensures that the frame and sash does not collide during windows are opened and closed, but also ensures the ultimate sealing performance. Soft and hard co-extruded TPE rubber strip, to realize the window sealing without break point, so that the overall sealing effect of doors and Windows is more excellent. It completely reject the haze outside the window after the window closed, to create a healthy home environment for you.

Super resistance to wind pressure, stand firm in the wind and rain.

DIMEX's top performance windows used innovative split chain bonding technology, enabling full window strength up to 9000N. This is the perfect solution to the tough balance problem. The Windows have better wind pressure resistance and sealing effect, completely eliminate the vibration and whistling phenomenon of Windows. DIMEX Windows remain stable even in stormy weather, allowing you to live in comfort and peace of mind.

Super Water tightness, the windows are tight, no water leakage

DIMEX's top performance Windows ensure water tightness in all aspects of the product. We are meticulous in every production process. The high-precision hardware fit makes the window frame and sash lap more closely, preventing backwash and drainage wings. Independent drainage cavity, full protection of the outside windowsill board, will completely isolate the rain outside. The Windows don't leak even in stormy weather.

Super safety performance, make your home impregnable.

We break through the traditional thinking and build the DIMEX intelligent security system. It can be equipped with toughened, bullet-proof special glass, 360-degree surround inlaid hardware, and multi-lock joint of mushroom head in DIMEX Windows. The sash is firmly fixed on all sides when the window is locked. The first-class security design makes the Windows strong and reliable.

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