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The difference between top performance windows and ordinary Windows - part 1

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People want a bright window. Because you can see the world when opening the window. And you can enjoy your life after closed the window. We read books and taste tea at home, the plants we like are outside the window. Every day is fresh and pleasant for us. But life will always encounter a lot of trouble: water seepage along the edge of the window, the bottom of the wall get damp, the noise of the car horn, the noise of the crowd, air pollution, cold in Winter and hot in Summer, poor indoor energy saving effect. The quality of the window not only affect our quality of life, but also can improve our quality of life. Window products are also classified, one is top performance Windows, another is Ordinary Windows. The difference is not just the price, it is the multi-dimensional difference.

Systematic Design

Top quality profiles + Top quality glass + Top quality hardware ≠ Top performance Windows. Top performance Windows need to be optimized through R&D and design, but also through a full range of testing.

High quality of Window Profiles, Hardwares and Glasses


High performance window profiles generally adopt multi-cavity structure, which is easier to save energy and reduce noise. The sealing strip of window adopts TPE rubber strips, its resilience and soft and hard co-extrusion characteristics are better than ordinary rubber strips. So the sealing performance is better. The hardware system of windows are much better in quality and cooperation. Based on the German UPVC System Windows, DIMEX transforms the rigorous craftsmanship spirit of Germany into a digital process. Through software and flexible production line, we have creatively invented 5mm embedded hardware 5+1 fully enclosed multi-chamber technology. We overcame many difficulties and took the lead in proposing the concept of "converged" system through years of technology integration. This makes DIMEX Windows a high-performance window in the full sense of the word. We continue to explore the quiet, energy saving, safety, beauty, durability, intelligence and other fields of Windows, in order to give users the ultimate comfortable life experience.

Rigorous Production Process

Even if good materials are selected, manufacturers need to equip themselves with quality production processes. DIMEX adopts intelligent robot production line, automatic production and processing equipment can better improve the precision of doors and Windows production, ensure the quality of doors and Windows. DIMEX's robotic intelligent production line can be seamlessly connected to the DIMEX cloud platform, and more than 90% of the processing process is automated. This effectively avoids the impact of human error and greatly improves the production efficiency. And effectively ensure product quality, this production line won the gold award in Jiangsu Province industrial design competition.

High Quality Performance

We often say "A good car based on displacement, a good window because of performance". In fact, the choice of a good window is to replace the window to make our life better and more comfortable. The window with good Sound insulation performance can make your home quiet sweet. The window with good airtight performance can make the home spotless. The window with lower K value, can keep winter warm and summer cool in the home. In fact, the performance of Windows plays a great role in the comfort of life.

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