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The difference between Fire-Resistant Windows and Refractory Windows.

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The difference between Fire-Resistant Windows and Refractory Windows.

1. Different materials.

Steel and stainless steel are most commonly used for fire-resistant windows. Because of the higher melting point and better fire stability of steel materials. Refractory Windows generally use aluminum alloy or UPVC as frame profiles. Its fire stability is not as good as fire Windows, but the price is obviously better than fire Windows. The second is glass, fireproof window must use fireproof glass, can choose A class insulation type, can also use a single piece of cesium potassium non-insulation fireproof glass. And refractory Windows can use non-fireproof glass.The overall cost performance of Refractory Windows is much better.

2. Different application scenarios.

Fire-resistant Windows are mainly used in the interior refuge rooms of residential buildings and the kitchens or bedrooms of families. Refractory Windows should be used between the part of the fire wall opening and the fire zone. They have different characteristics. It is also irreplaceable in use. Refractory Windows can not reach the purpose of fire retardant for 1-5 hours, and fire-resistant Windows can not meet the sealing effect and ornamental and practical effect to be achieved by home use.

3. Fire resistance standards are different.

The fire resistance limit time of Fire windows can reach 1-5 hours. Fire integrity of Refractory windows is 1 hour. Insulated fire Windows can not be directly exposed to the sun for a long time. Because it is easy to appear bubbles on the surface of the fire window and internal fire fluid turbidity. Although the glass used by Refractory Windows does not have the above problems, but it cannot meet the requirements of the use of Fire-resistant Windows.

4. Different standards.

Fire-resistant Windows are implemented in accordance with the standards of NFPA80, DIN4108, and GB16809-2008. The Refractory window is a product designed according to the requirements of the Code for Fire Prevention in Building Design. Its main function is heat preservation and energy saving. Consumers should specify the place of use, the parts of use and the functions to be achieved before purchasing products, and choose the right products according to their needs.

According to the market demand, DIMEX successfully developed new premium Refractory & Energy-Saving Window Profiles and systems after long R&D and continuous testing. It has been officially put on the market. Our window frames are made of aluminum alloy and UPVC. The glass we use are hollow double glass, hollow double fire glass, triple fire glass. It is more suitable for residential building use. DIMEX Series of 65mm,72mm,82mm UPVC Window Profiles are available for processing Refractory Window Systems. They are three sealed, with energy saving insulation and fire, smoke and high temperature resistance. And the fire integrity of the whole window is not less than 1 hour.

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