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Structural description of PVC windows

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The main material of PVC window is divided into rigid PVC (UPVC) and PVC calcium model. Because the window of rigid PVC profile does not contain calcium carbonate, its strength and aging performance are much better than that of PVC calcium model. It has good performance of heat insulation, sound insulation, energy saving, air tightness, insulation, durability and corrosion resistance, suitable for various types of buildings.

The structure of PVC window

PVC window is usually referred to in the plastic profile mullion, horizontal frame or spell the main force rod into the steel, aluminum enhanced profiles, so that its strength is better, lighter quality. The hardware was installed in the right place.

3mm metal reinforcement were added in the profiles of PVC windows. The length of the lining reinforcement should be slightly shorter than the length of the window profiles, so as not to hinder the connection of the end of the window profiles.


It should be fixed with metal fixed piece between PVC window and wall. And the position of the fixed piece should be 150-200mm from the window Angle, the mullion, the horizontal frame, the distance between the fixed piece should be less than or equal to 600mm. PVC window profile is hollow much cavity, thin wall, material is more brittle, because this should be drilled first with tapping screw screw into.

To install Windows in concrete walls using shooting nails or plastic expansion screws. Plastic expansion screws or cement nails should be used when installing Windows at the hole of the brick wall, and should not be fixed at the brick joint. When the embedded wood brick method is used to connect with the wall, the wood brick should be treated with anti-corrosion. Aerated concrete wall hole should be embedded adhesive log, and then use wood screws to fix the metal fixing plate on the adhesive log. Holes with embedded iron parts should be fixed by welding, or base holes can be made on the top embedded parts according to fastener specifications, and then fixed with fasteners.

In the expansion joint cavity between the window frame and the hole should be used closed cell foam, foam polystyrene and other elastic materials layered pit plug. Stuffing should not be too tight, in order to ensure that plastic doors and Windows are installed after free expansion contraction. For the projects with high requirements of heat preservation and sound insulation, corresponding heat insulation and sound insulation materials should be used to fill them. Cement mortar or machete white mortar is used to fill and flatten the window frame and then seal it with caulking paste.

The installation of PVC window glass is similar to aluminum window. The sealing strip should be embedded in the groove on one side of the window sash profile first, and the rubber pad or base should be placed around the glass. After the glass is installed in place, the plastic pressing glass strip with good sealing strip should be embedded and fixed and pressed.

For the hardware, fasteners, sealing strips, glass pads (hard rubber or plastic), caulking paste and other materials in direct contact with PVC Windows and walls, the performance should be compatible with the selected PVC window materials.

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