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Steel reinforcement for PVC Window

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Windows are exposed to environmental influences on the building. Mainly wind pressure and rain and snow. They also have to withstand switching forces and their own gravity in use. Wind force is the main reason for the bending deformation of transom, window frame and sash. Whether doors and Windows are safe basically depends on its ability to bear wind. It is usually measured by the amount of gas pressure per unit area.

The excellent PVC Windows should have excellent sealing effect, sound insulation performance, anti-rain and anti-theft, strong and durable and a variety of scientific opening methods. And qualified PVC Windows should have steel reinforcement and screwed to all frames, sashes and mullions.

The importance of steel reinforcement in PVC window profiles


(1) Enhance the compressive and tensile properties of Windows & Doors. And the steel reinforcement used must reach a certain thickness. The specification and thickness of steel reinforcement also differ according to the different requirements of window type. The Good steel reinforcement should be galvanized Q235 carbon structural steel.

(2) It does not only reinforce the PVC profiles when you insert steel reinforcement into the Windows and Doors. It is mainly for the installation of a certain role. Steel reinforcement inserted into the PVC profiles of the four frames of the window can increase the strength and reinforce the window against wind pressure.

Technical requirements for Steel reinforcement:

1. Materials: Both inside and outside galvanized Q235 carbon structural steel.

2. Thickness.Steel reinforcement for PVC windows should not less than 1.50mm thickness. And Steel reinforcement for PVC doors should not less than 2.0mm thickness.

3. Surface: The surface of steel reinforcement must be cold or hot galvanized. And the galvanized layer thickness not less than 12µm.

4. The steel reinforcement used for good quality Windows should be coated with anti-rust paint after hot-dip galvanizing and cutting. And the corrosion resistance must be rated 48 h8.

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