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Sound reduction through UPVC windows

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Whether it’s from traffic, aircraft, trains, factories or even neighbours, unwanted noise can spoil the comfort of your home. Living in a noisy area can prove challenges to people in a household, such as struggling to sleep or being disturbed by outside noise. If you have dogs in your neighbouring area or live next to train tracks, you may regularly hear a noise that you don’t want to. We have soundproofing uPVC double glazed windows available that may be an excellent solution to your noise struggles and keep the noise out of your living space.

UPVC double glazing windows  provide a range of benefits to homeowners

Firstly, they are natural thermal insulators, meaning that you will always have the ideal temperature within your home. With their multi-point locking system, DIMEX uPVC windows are safer than traditional timber and aluminium options and are expected to last over 40 years. uPVC windows create an eco-efficient home that is friendly to both your electrical bill and the environment. These are the main benefits that customers are aware of, but many don’t realize these windows and doors also have soundproofing qualities.


UPVC reduces sound transference by 38dB, making it the leading option window option for keeping your home quiet. With noise pollution becoming an increasing issue in larger cities across the country, many are looking for solutions that keep the car, plane and people noises on the outside and provide a quiet and comfortable home environment on the inside. Soundproofing our home has become an essential part of building and renovating, and uPVC windows are a simple and excellent way to do that.

We even offer laminated safety and hush glasses. Both of these feature the highest noise reduction qualities on the market, giving you an excellent soundproofing option. The laminated safety glass is made by a heat pressure process that laminates two sheets of glass with a polyvinyl butyral interlayer between them, making them a safer and thicker option than traditional double glazing. This also shuts an increasing amount of noise out. Our team also installs hush glasses, which can further lower the noise levels and increase the soundproofing qualities of your home.

No matter what area you live in, we can ensure that you get optimal soundproofing qualities with our uPVC double glazed windows. Our team can find a solution for you that will reduce noise pollution and make your home a better place to spend time in and relax.

How can I soundproof my windows  cheaply?

If you want to reduce the noise coming through your windows but don’t want to replace the windows or use secondary glazing, you have a few backup options:

Plant hedges or fence front of the window

If you have a house facing a busy road with garden space at the front, or your house backs onto a train line you can use natural elements to dampen the sound.

Dense shrubs, hedges, thick trees or a high solid fence will all help to reduce the transmission of sound towards your property. So, when the soundwaves hit your windows they are already reduced.

By combining noise reducing windows with the use of hedges and shrubs the nose reduction will be even more enhanced.

Plug all gaps, acoustic caulk and weatherstrips

As mentioned above, sound can diffract around corners and will find its way through any gaps. You can tell that the seals on your windows are starting to fail, because the noise from outside starts to get louder.

It’s not just the edges of the glass that can fail. If your window hasn’t been installed efficiently, there can be small gaps that leak noise.

Use specialist acoustic caulk and fit weatherstrips around the frames to eliminate as many gaps as you can. If the gaps are too big, the only solution is to replace the windows.

Use sound dampening curtains or shutters

Heavy fabric can make a surprising reduction to noise levels. Specialist sound dampening curtains have several layers of fabric - polyester being the best - which creates a dense fabric that can absorb sound vibrations. Sound deadening fabrics also help to absorb sound that bounces around open spaces.

Window  film

Noise reducing glass has a laminate coating on one of the panes of glass that helps to absorb more sound waves as they transmit through the glass.

Window film is an instant DIY fix that can reduce noise by a small amount. However, the film can obscure the window to lose clarity of the glass. And, unless it’s professionally applied, it can cheapen the aesthetic of the window.

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