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Replacing your windows or doors

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It’s easy to put off home improvement projects until absolutely necessary. We often perceive such projects as an avoidable cost and inconvenience factor. Windows are no exception.

We often wait until they leak or do not operate properly anymore before we consider replacing them.

Replace windows or doors?

If they look like in the photo above, you know for sure. But often there are more subtle signs that tell you could benefit from replacing windows or doors. There are some signs that tell you it is time to replace your window or door.

Sign 1: You can hear the outside.


If you hear noise from the outdoors through your closed windows or doors, they may not be sealed correctly anymore. When you replace windows or doors with high quality uPVC solutions, you will notice the difference immediately, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood or on a busy street.

Sign 2: You feel a draft through your closed windows.

If you feel a slight breeze even when your windows are closed, it could be due to several reasons. Faulty seals, deformation of the frame, or poor installation could be the cause. Even a slight draft can change the overall temperature of your home, causing your air conditioner to work overtime, wasting energy and money.

Sign 3: Window frames are damaged.

If your frames are chipped or corroded, or they are soft to the touch, it may already be time to replace your windows or doors. If they haven’t started sagging, they might do so soon.

Sign 4: Difficulty to open and close windows.

If your windows or doors are difficult to open and close, there could be a number of reasons. They may be improperly installed, which tends to develop warping of the frames, making the windows or doors difficult to open and close. It also could be due to corrosion or water damage. If they cannot be properly locked anymore, it becomes a security issue. If that is the case, it really is time to replace them.

Sign 5: Condensation between glass layers.

If you notice condensation between the layers of glass, it means your seals are not tight anymore. They allowed moisture between the glass panes. This is not just unsightly, it also impacts a window’s energy efficiency.

Once you have determined that it is indeed better to replace your current windows to make your home more quiet and energy efficient, where do you start? We recommend to find a partner, not just a supplier, to find the best possible solution for your home.

Choose a uPVC Replacement Window Company You Can Trust

Ideally, your new windows and doors will last a lifetime, so choose a company based on the quality of their products and working standards, not just the sticker price. We manufacture high quality, yet affordable windows and doors that will last a lifetime. And they will safe you money in the long run.

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