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RENOLIT lamination and DIMEX uPVC windows

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Laminating is made of color and all kinds of simulated wood grain style film in the laminating unit production line. It uses the method of heating and mechanical laminating, by pressing the special color film on the white or other color profile surface or both sides, so that the profile appearance rich and colorful. This method is the most reasonable and the most environmentally friendly way to make uPVC window profile achieve color visual effect.

DIMEX are cooperating with Renolit on colorful Lamination. This makes our profiles with both weather resistance and beautiful surface. Which ensure the profiles will not be deformed in high temperature and cold weather. There are avariety of and color for choice. And the Lamination can also be customized.

The requirements of windows for the "fashion, comfort, functional" are getting higher and higher with the improvement of living standards. The nice windows not only need good "water tight performance, air tight performance, heat insulation performance, sound insulation performance, wind resistance performance", but also should have beautiful appearance. That's what DIMEX are trying to do.

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