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PVC windows and doors installation measures

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The window or door  frame bent


1. Deformation of door and window frames due to impact.

2. The materials used for door and window frames are thin and rigid.


1. Repair and reinstall the deformed frame.

2. The thickness of the material used for the frame shall be in accordance with the national regulations, and the thickness of the main stressed members shall not be less than 1. 2mm.

3. The packing around the frame shall be appropriate to prevent the excessive amount from bending inwards.


Door and window frames are loose


1. The distance between installation and anchoring iron feet is too large.

2. The material used for anchoring the iron foot is too thin.

3. The anchoring method is incorrect.


1. The distance between anchor iron feet shall not be greater than 600mm, and the iron feet must be subject to anti-corrosion treatment.

2. The thickness of the material used for anchoring the iron foot shall not be less than 1. 5mm, and the width shall not be less than 25mm.

3. According to different wall materials, different anchoring prevention schemes shall be adopted. Shooting nails shall not be used for anchoring on brick walls, and expansion bolts shall not be used for anchoring on porous bricks. Window and door frames are not square Reasons:

During the installation of the frame, the square of the frame is inaccurate, and the two diagonal lines of the frame are long and short, resulting in the frame is not square.

Prevention: During installation, temporarily fix it with wood wedge, measure and adjust the diagonal to the same length, and then fix it firmly with iron feet.

There is leakage caused by no sealant at the splicing part of window frame


Before the installation of door and window frames, the openings must be inspected, and the distance between the door and window frames and the reserved openings shall be within 2-3cm. If the spacing is more than 3cm, C20 fine aggregate concrete and galvanized steel mesh shall be used for pouring. Door and window frames can be installed after 7 days.

The upper part of the window frame is not compacted due to mortar plugging, resulting in leakage


1. The gap between the door and window frame and the auxiliary frame should be filled with elastic closed-cell material (polyurethane foaming agent and weatherproof sealant.

2. Requirements for injection and striking of elastic closed-cell material (polyurethane foaming agent): continuous striking, full filling and one-time molding. The foaming agent outside the frame shall be plugged into the gap before the conjunctiva is hardened to prevent the outer film of the foaming agent from being damaged.

Foam rubber is exposed at the outer window plug joint, which is treated by cutting to damage the outer surface of foam rubber and cause potential leakage


Foam glue beyond the door and window frame shall be pressed into the gap by hand or special tools before curing. It is strictly prohibited to cut with a blade after curing.

Non-standard construction of metal lock

The decorative part of metal lock hole on the ground of glass frameless door is skewed, loose, falling off or higher than the floor after installation, causing the door lock to shake or difficult to lock firmly.


1. When installing the keyhole trim cover, it is required to use marble (the term "marble" is provided by the industrial company) to drill holes first, and then use 6mm impact drill to drill holes, with the depth of 2. 0 to 3. 0cm.

2. Built-in 6mm plastic expansion pipe, fixed with self-tapping screws. Ensure that it is flat.

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