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PVC window and door profiles laminated with foil

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After the windows and doors  are laminated with foil, they are not only beautiful, but also can greatly extend the service life of the window s and doors.


What is color laminating profiles?

Color laminating profiles is a kind of material with high technique. It can effectively laminate the surface of various plastic aluminum, steel plate and various special-shaped profiles, according to the user's actual color requirements by using the post-heating technique, so as to better achieve the coordination, unification and harmony of the environment. It truly reflects the solemn and elegant characteristics of various wood grain and stone grain and overcomes the shortcomings of single tone such as coating and co-extrusion, thus making the products brighter and more colorful.

The characteristic of pvc window and door profiles

The laminated pvc window and door profiles can be immersed in water for a long time without deformation, expansion, fading, peeling, acid and alkali resistance and other chemical substances corrosion. They are not afraid of urban environmental pollution such as hydrochloric acid and acid corrosion, but also resistant to high and low temperature (-30℃--+120℃). They are non-flammable, well anti-ultraviolet, durable. According to the overseas light stabilizer test results: the indoor life of pvc window&door profiles laminated with foil can reach 60 years while the outdoor life can reach 30 years.

1. Bonding capacity: excellent initial adhesion, quick bonding

2. Final strength: to be reached after three days

3. Temperature resistance range: -30°C -----+80°C

4. High Temperature resistance: heat resistance is not less than 120°C,and special window profiles can be processed.

5. Aging resistance: the adhesive has strong and tough film,which is not easy to become brittle.

6. Quality standard: passed the German PAC standard

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