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Prospect of PVC windows

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PVC profiles' history

PVC materials and PVC Windows were first born in Europe. The PVC material was trialed in Germany in 1912. And the PVC products formed industrial production capacity in Germany in 1938.

By1998, the consumption of PVC products in Europe reached 5. 46 million tons. Of this amount, 54% is used for building decoration, 16% for packaging, 10% for wire and cable sheath, 4% for various toys, 3% for special transportation parts, 3% for various furniture, 2% for clothing and textile, and the rest accounting for 8%. 


In 1955, German Nobel company developed PVC profiles. And then Hoechst Company developed PVC Windows and exhibited the samples at the World Plastics Exhibition in Dusseldorf 1959, Germany.

Since then, the world's first batch of plastic Windows began to be installed and used. Germany develops and uses the plastic window the purpose is to solve the cold area window winter condensation and saves the heating cost. The world of 1970s time erupts energy crisis, the energy-saving effect of plastic door window causes German government to take seriously, gave strong economy to support.

From 1977 to 1982, the German government subsidized the construction industry DM25. 3 billion, of which 90% was used to develop plastic Windows & Doors. Under the strong support of the government, a series of technological problems for the manufacture of plastic Windows & Doors were solved, and the output increased rapidly.

Plastic Windows formed a huge scale, mature technology, standard perfect cooperation, highly developed industry in Germany. The Plastic Windows & Doors in Germany's current market share has been close to 60%.

PVC fixed windows in Europe

The PVC windows & doors industry was booming in Germany. European countries followed. The market share of PVC windows & Doors had reached more than 40% in European countries now. The United States introduced PVC Windows & doors from Germany in 1976 and developed rapidly in the 1980s. Japan began to trial-produce PVC windows & doors in 1969. It was developed in Hokkaido area at first. But the PVC Windows & doors quickly spread across Japan after the oil crisis of 1979. The development history of PVC Windows & doors in Korean is not long. So Korea's technology level is similar to China's at present, and penetration rate is higher in coastal cities.

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